my blinking sneakers

Hello there,

It has been a very busy day for me (too bad), my class started at 8 and done at 6 (technically) I only got less than 5 hours sleep
and yeah, panda eyes attacked me.

I am in the mood of making my fourth article about GRE preparation provided by the Innovative learning center on my campus. I will show it to you as soon as it is published in the newspaper.

wearing: Overall jumper - unbranded, Shoes from my mom, cardigan from Ross. 

There is not so much work this weekend, though still I'm stressed out with my assignments on portrait photography which I will process tomorrow with the theme Happiness, the one I pursue , the feeling you aim .. and .. my public speaking next task is interview
and I chose a topic already, "blogging: media to express interests".
I hope it will be a good one..

By the way, one of my friend who's like my own brother .. Choekyab, has just made a blog.. his blog name is: SHOCKYAB check it out, and I hope he will develop his blog well >.<

I haven't pick a question for you for so long: 
If you can pick one expression that best describe you,
what will you pick? WHY?




  1. Thanks cat :) stop calling me brother, makes me feel old.hehe

  2. nice overall jumper!!

    I pick smile(((:

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~


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