Isn't all things in this world are related to art? Well, at least for me! hihi~
I am so falling in love with art since I was a little baby, I love drawing and now I am addicted with photography (A LOT!)

wearing: lacy tank top - unbranded, blazer- unbranded, shorts-cherokee, clogs- Alloy, 
watch- Elle, Accessories - Claire's and forever 21 

Guess what? I think I did fine in my psychology assignment, and now I am heading to my photography project which I think I will give a 'happiness' theme

because.. I am pursuing happiness, I like making others happy, and I found harmony in laughter it's just so my heaven.

Today I did some photoshoot of my roommate and me with some make up on :

for some reason... I like it natural, because it is life, not supposed to be artificial. Right?

And this is picture of me taken by tripod, 450D and Natalie, my roommate
We did ART on my eyes and we tried to make extreme stuff though turned out not to be so extreme

I know! Those pictures are funny and creepy at once! But hope you really like it.

To be a good artist is not to be perfect in every site that we make, every stroke that we move..
the most important thing is give it a life, give it a heart, and GIVE IT A TRY.
-Catherine Au Jong

Love <3
Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. nice shot i love the last picture of you wearing all those make up, that looks super fierce on you!! loving it



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