everyone can love

love is something we are talented of
the problem is .. we barely share it

what's wrong?
It's easy, it's free.

Today I saw it, a day where everyone showed their talent:
loving and being loved.

This is my friend and my inspiration, Eva Andersen, from Filming in Stilettos 
This little dude, Noah, kept on giving her flower and told her to keep it.
He is a little guy, yet he has shown his talent to love - and being loved.

not only love to a person, show your love to LIFE.
Another little dude playing and spreading his wide smile show me how beautiful life is
spreading smile, hence spreading love.

Share it! Give it to your friends
grab their hands and dance!

even a baby is gifted by the talent to give warmth to their parents, to others. 
why wouldn't you?

moms in this world that gives confidence, safety, and cuddle to their babies, to their kids,
hoping of nothing but love back from their children.

The answer is: GREET! HUG!

Show your love, give others love and smile
and learn to open your arm big, wide... being loved.

everyone can greet, everyone can hug..
everyone can LOVE.



  1. beautiful pictures and words.xx



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