Appreciate your body

Nothing's perfect in this world, but if we accept it 
everything is good as it is. 

I really feel so stressful looking at my pictures how chunky my legs, thighs 
and I can easily point out what I HATE about my body
but it's hard to list parts of my body I adore

It's us..
but I learn, I want to see it differently
as long as I am healthy and my weight is normal 
I will appreciate it for that's what God gave us: my personality, soul, and appearance. 

Jacket, tank, shorts, belt - unknown, Necklace - old navy, Bracelet - walmart
Platform Heels Forever 21

bag from Sammoon, a korean store in Dallas, TX

Shopping findings I found in Crossroads mall, Waterloo:

Hat and Glasses - Claire's, Top - UNI STAT, Jacket- Forever XXI,
Sk8r shoes - Skechers

and so, the most important thing is ENJOY LIFE!!!

I won't discourage you, but want to enhance your life appreciation:
what's your favorite part of your body?




  1. nice blog! and that's a cute outfits! i'm a new follower anyway. hope you'll follow me back :)

    Cloudy Day

  2. aww love those shoes you're wearing, and the bag too!

  3. i agree that we're all created differently and fairly !
    and we should all appreciate what god has given us :)

    glistersandblisters dot com

  4. i loce ur heels!! :D

    CLIFF from


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