Shocking Shots

No matter how hard it is your problem, Never ever let those sh*t screw you up.
You can stand. 
You can face it.
You can, you can....

One thing, can also be quoted, I learned in Psychology class
That people are good in nature, and bad people are there because they let their environment screw em up

I think I can also say
People are strong in nature, and stressful people are there because they let their sh*t screw em up.

So, come on.. If you have a problem, just trust me
that we can, can face and stand up no matter how tough our problems are. 

Enough about philosophies, come on talk about

Yesterday, (saturday), International Students in my university decided to play paintball
in the Waterloo area, 15 minutes away from campus

it was awesome!! I gotta see WILD OSTRICH!!! :) though I hid a little because I feared it

there were 6 cars, 25-28 people in total playing
some of them are americans, asians, and africans.
Anyway we don't care about race.. But we tried to know each other
since some of them are new students

Then we settled to listen to some crap instructions
Tho I kept on taking pictures without intensely listening to the instructor (lol)

(The Instructor)

AND that's me!

me and the Japanese students

after that, we were queuing to get our bullets, guns, masks and PAY!!
:D it costs $20 for the whole thing.

everyone seems to be so happy ^^

me and my roommate :) lol

and our games:

so have you ever been to paintball field?



  1. Okay it is pretty much my dream to go paintballing =P

  2. i've never played paintball but it seems like an awesome time. and from what i can see of your jacket, i love it

  3. I'm not into Paintball-ing, but, seems you have so much fun!:D

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

  4. Anonymous9/06/2010

    awesome, paintball! i never played it before... so sad. LOL. it looks so much fun ;)

    Castor Pollux

  5. i've never been to a paintball field before, but it sounds fun! :)


  6. okey,,link me as miss dorothy..u???

  7. i have just visited your blog again and your previous post was really awesome.
    I never play paintball. I'm so scared but It looks so fun! :D

  8. i never play paintball , but i wanna ! it's look so fun :D


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