Photography Class

This is my first time doing all by myself: put roll in manual SLR camera (80s style), work on the rolls by diluting it with chemicals, wait for it til dry and print it out in a paper with chemical and some manual utensils too.
I feel so awesome, though I did bunch of mistakes : lost 1 roll for my lack of asking habit, and I kinked my roll because I wanted to get out of the dark room asap.. But at last
I feel so proud to myself! feel so cool

well rather than reading my crap, let's take a look:

one of my fave picture, 
magazines in my photo class waiting room

the whole roll that I processed

Texture picture: my art building

Flower in front of the performance art building 

Feel it. I love how sharp the focus was

Vintage chair in the photo classroom


My friend, Kylie walking in our University's little garden

Natalie, my friend, in the bus (cool right! Like old movie)

Picture of me in the bus

It has been such an interesting day for me :) I love it. All the pictures are awesome I think
Though it's kind of blurry and come in not so good pixel since I scanned it and it's all very small
wait! next week we're going to enlarge it into big chunks tho, so I will rescan it again afterwards.

which one is your favorite??

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. Wow these are great!! I can't even pick a favorite :D

  2. bagus2 yah hasilnya .. hehehe cute bgt sih bannernyaaa


  3. great snaps, i love rows of images when they look all old school and a tiny bit blurred
    Rianna xxx

  4. I love the 1st pic and also the last which is a snap of yourself, your smile is so pretty there!^^ xx

  5. love photography ^^ i think its great people are still using film ^^ ihavent touched it in years but my dad is a great ethuistast! and i love your blog header ^^

  6. I love pictures taken on legit film =) my favorite would have to be the one of the chair, it has a kind of haunted quality about it but it also seems sunny and the flat screen tv almost looks anachronistic but in a good way. If that makes sense at all.

  7. Love the results :) thanks for the sweet comment recently! :*

  8. Oh wow this is so cool!
    I always look fox tails! i think they're so whimsical and pretty!
    xo tash


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