A Sophomore Diary

I found a very terrible disease these days : SLEEPINESS

perhaps because it has been months since I haven't got any lecture, and now I gotta hear lectures
My photography class is 3 hours long .. (zzz...) but luckily it's interesting
It's a small class tho, like 18 students in a class, so I'm glad to have known some students through facebook and stuff.

Today I just finished with my photography, MIS and decision technique class. Wonder why it's just the beginning of semester but bunch of homeworks have been thrown out to students already. Wanna wake us up or something?

Anyway, I am a sophomore this year, again.. my major is finance management, but fashion and art still in my heart <3

Denmark shirt from Denmark, Jacket-Forever xxi, hat-Forever XXI, Gold Shoes- Converse
Jeans-Giordano, Belt unbranded, Owl necklace- Forever XXI, C necklace-Yeshi's gift , Watch- ELLE, 2pm socks

rings from claire's, bracelets from walmart

So how was your days of schools? Stressful???
Sorry I don't blog as much these days, I've been so busy with assignments and other crap waiting for me! :)

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



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