Small town Big Blast

Hey! I'm back in my awesome town, Cedar Falls, Iowa
I'm so happy to see my friends again

sun are so strong and so were our craziness sense :)

let's see what happened

we went to Famous Dave to have a dinner

they're my friends:
Choekyab from Nepal, Reginald from Indonesia, Kaverne from Singapore
Polina from Russia, Yeshi Tibetan from India, ME, Lise from France and Danli from China

 and Natalie from Malaysia
which is my roommate in my new apartment :p

afterwards we were heading to pool near UNI!
Outfit: Blazer- from my aunt, Northern Iowa T-shirt, C necklace from Yeshi 
Bracelets - Walmart, Connector ring - Forever XXI
Shorts - Old navy, Block heels- Forever XXI, Belt- unbranded

and going back to the apartment:

ISA family cosplay ;p
Yeshi as the star, Natalie as the undie girl, me as grandma
Choekyab as the blind man, and reggie as korean girl

This is not enough, 
after hitting my apartment we also wanted to go to walmart
ON 2AM in the morning 

outfit: Dress- Goodwill, Bag- Goodwill, Shoes- Steve Madden, Scarf- Sam Moon, 
Head band - Claire's, Earrings - Forever XXI

and I pretended as if I came from the 60s ;p

I really think it's a SUPERFUN day
but it's kind of sad because one of our friend, Reginald is going to transfer to University of Minnesota soon
then left me alone as the only Indonesian in the campus

hope all of us will have another fun after this day!

How was your day has your school start yet?
what's the craziest thing you've done in your school?
Now I'm a sophomore finance major!! :D and my first class on monday will be...
Creative photography class
isn't it awesome?!

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. how it can be you are taking a finance major but taking a photography class? i am so envy

  2. Anonymous8/23/2010

    wow,you look so cuteee :))
    and your outfit too

  3. I want to have a corn too hehe

    Check out my giveaway in my blog :D

  4. Awesome photos! Some are really hilarious! Reminds me of the fun and crazy days I used to have with my friends. I only just graduated a few months ago but I miss it already!

    Keep the photos coming! :)

  5. you look had so much fun! awesome dress!! :)

  6. That looks like a real fun day! I did many crazy things at school, won't talk about it, it's not good for my reputation hahah :)

  7. enjoyed reading ur blog :)
    thanks for visiting
    love the dress u wore .. so vintage

  8. hi catarina,

    just discovered your blog and i thorougly enjoy it, its so positive and always glad to read more about the personal lives of bloggers:) that outfit is sweet, the dress is awesome! hope to read more of your posts:)

    hope you can come visit/follow me if youd like:)


  9. cute and funny pictures!

  10. Very funny pictures! They show you are really having fun!

    I follow you closely


  11. great! mmm.. what did i do during my high school? well, i didn't recall any specific craziest ones, but i must say i love my high school and i miss every bits.



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