Cooking Disability

"The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure
- Sven Goran 

Who loves cooking?
I guess a lot of you does!
Being in the states (campus especially) taught me to cook a great deal

back home I can't even turn on the stove because I have a phobia upon fire!

So, today I cooked! :) hooray! Before me cooking I want to show you
one of the shoes my mom gave me from Indonesia
They're so cute and today when I wear it I feel so comfy , puffy >.<

GOSH Indonesia 

So today I saw a Brownie package! Hooray 
ready to make dessert since our house ran out of dessert, Cheesecake

I optimistically opened it and was imagining eating the HOTTIE brownies :) 
awesome! yum!!

NOT until I realize that I put A LOT more oil *TOO MUCH* in it
even more than 2x instructed .

CRAP! I screwed it up.
And the result? OILY LIQUID BROWNIE :(

I am so not good with cooking, do not even dare to call it ability whatsoever!

actually I have been into these kind of thing a lot:
1. when I was in primary school, we had a cooking class
The teacher instructed us to cook 'sayur asem' - sour veggies soup
what happened I put 1sack of salt all of them inside the soup
and my teacher said, "sea water, or soup?" 

since then I realized I have no talent at cooking at all.

2. after taking baking course at Nilasari, I decided to make a birthday cake
for my dear brother. 
My mom bought me all the best ingredients (high quality), expecting a tremendously
awesome birthday cake
unfortunately I put too much VINEGAR on the icing - and tadaaaa---> no one dare to eat it

- and etc. 

life keeps going, if I do not try.. I won't be able to do it, right?
I think the chance of me living in the apartment is a great opportunity to teach me
how to NORMALLY cook.. :)

Any idea for cooking idiot like me????

what's your favorite dish/dessert to cook?

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. hahahah lucu banget.. use a measuring cup everytime u cook !
    measure the ingredients first, then put the ingredients into different bowls, so you wont have to deal with the overtly measured toppings like vinegar and salt. hehe

    good luck !

  2. Yea actually I used measuring cup hahah
    thanks michelle

  3. Anonymous8/27/2010

    actually i think that brownie kinda looks delicious ;)
    and those shoes are total cute! indonesia has many great products
    btw, is your mom an indonesian?

    Castor Pollux

    p.s i notice that you wrote on your blogger profile that you're a fans of wondergirls?
    me too! LOL

  4. Anonymous8/27/2010

    re: your comment on my blog ;)

    we rarely get inspirations from celebs/people,
    we usually stare at our outfits and figure out how to mix-match 'em

  5. ekspresi u lucu2 bgt s jong,.hhhhaaa

  6. Wonderful, wonderful, funny post! I love it.

    And I'm very grateful for the quote about success and the fear of failure! Thank you! I really needed to hear that.

    My favorite dessert is banana ice cream. Sounds weird, but I love it!!!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  7. waa the picture of cheese cake makes me hungry :)

  8. don't worry, I'm as idiot as you are when it comes to cooking, hahahaha. those shoes are indeed so cute


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