Last day in Chicago

Tomorrow I'm going back to Cedar Falls, IA
the town that I call home for me, where I can meet friends from all over the world and feel pain as well as fun!

I'm going to move out to an apartment and I'm sure I could have some troubles with my incredibly much stuff.

These days I always feel like crying, the drama addict hasn't stop yet, tho I'm getting better compared to the previous days, I always cry each time I listen to the music. (I know this is so pathetic isn't it?)

Today I did some photoshoots with my uncle
because he just received his set of studio thingy :)

Blazer - from my aunt, dress - from my aunt, leopard necklace - unbranded, 
Earring- Forever XXI, Studded Heels - Forever XXI

This is one of my favorite picture because I love my smile :)

 I think this is a cute candid :p

and my next costume...

again one of my favorite piece

Dress- Thrift store, Necklace- from my aunt, earring - Forever XXI, Pearl Heels - GOSH

So I'm sad because tomorrow I'm going to leave this house that I've been staying for approximately 3months
just feel like my own house :(

But life's moving on, fall semester is coming in less than a week

Excitingly, we'll have a cultural formal party where I can wear my country's traditional costume
and I prepared already!!: ) woohoo

and I'm so happy because I got my picture on my university event and library
thanks to Eva from filming in stilettos  for the invite to dance so that I can exist ;p

This is how the big banner looks like. 

So, how's your day?
Besides fashion, what activity do you enjoy the most?

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. cute photoshoot ce! :) wanna exchange link with me anyway? :p

  2. nice! i love your cute face ! :)
    i'm a new follower anyway, mind if you follow me back ?

    Cloudy Day

  3. nice photoshot..
    i like your shoes in the 1st pic..

    and about ur question,,i enjoying photography now..

  4. great photo set !
    asik banget punya om yg bisa di handalkan jd fotografer.. jahahha


  5. Hola Catherine!

    your look is so cute!

    Besos desde Arg!!

  6. Love your shoes. Cute cute.

  7. Great pictures! Have fun!

    Adèle –

  8. loveee your blazer. and shoes too.. you did a great photography shots!

  9. thx 4 your comment :) have a nice day and i'll wait for your new post

    hi. you're welcome. :)

    it's so cool that you're from the other side of the world. Love your shoes anyway :)

    Cloudy Day

  10. nice photos

  11. you look amazing in that dress!! love the candid photo :)

  12. you look stunning!


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