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It has been a week that I haven't blog.. :(
It's not that I am bored or something, but actually I have been abandoning myself in a dark corner
That's what always happen if I watch Korean drama.. I always feel like I'm still attached in the drama and so it's hard for me to get out of the songs, browsing about the character and I'm in love with one of the character..
Jang Geun-Seok.

Besides, I have been so tired these days, Now I'm in Chicago (back already) and I went to air and water show, six flags, and shopping at downtown yesterday .

I'd like to show you my day in six flags since I really enjoyed it and lost my voice afterwards :)

Me and the Tweety and Sylvester

 The Superman ride was my first ride. It was awesome that you can feel
as if you really fly like superman :) hahha
or at least beings saved by superman ;p

Vertical Velocity was one of my favorite ride, since
It goes very fast back and forth (forward and backward) But it's sooo fun

I went there with 2 of my friends from Malaysia, Natalie. And from Singapore, Kaverne 
They drove from Iowa to Chicago.. Must be very tiring for them :(

Iron wolf was challenging
especially when I knew that you're being spinned when you're standing up
And my friend got a feeling of being slapped afterwards, but weird.. I did not feel any.

American Eagle was one of our favorite too
It's very traditional.. Like it uses woods for the roller coaster
and so it was so bumpy and yet soo awesome!
Ride on this is a must!!

To cool it down, we went to the water ride once
It was like ," ha? that's it?!?!"
but anyway we got refreshed after that. So oh well...

So it was a fun day, tho tiring
but we love it

By the way about the giveaway
I'd like to extend the time until the end of august
so hope you can win!!

So these days, I smile a big deal because in the Korean drama I really adore the 
actor and actress's smile. 

What do you think the best smile looks like? 

I Love innocent smile
and the smile that comes from a heart. 

Have a good day!!!

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. Thanks for stopping by today and leaving your sweet comment hope to see you again soon...
    I haven't been to six flags in years...somehow I don't think that I will hold up as well as I used to on those rides..... :)


  2. I have not gone to any Six Flags. But it looks like such fun. I'm terrify of roller coasters but I'm willing to get over my fear. ps. You're too kind. I really appreciate the comment.

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  4. cool shades.. looks liek you had tons of fun!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  5. seems fun! :) and u were right.. the best smiles come from heart. that's why i falling in love with my bf. He has the most sincere smile :)
    Love ur blog ^^ and thank u for ur comment in my blog.

    Love, MM

  6. Waaa seems really fun! Wish I can go there one day :)


  7. so adorable six flags is such a blast :)


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