What would you want it to be on your last times before leaving the world?

Maybe this is random thing I talk, but do the best on everything you can do as long as you got the chance.

I hate it to lose someone that I love *hei not talking bout guys here* and basically I've never experienced that real bad. I mean I did lose someone but, I still can meet them. anyway
You know you can just lose someone in counts of seconds, maybe your friend or your family? If God wants it, then be it . right?

I just think like my gp they are growing old and stuffs, and today I just realized how life can ends just like that. period.
But really what's the point of life? *boring, huh? too philosophical.. lol.

I sat down with my grandpa today, and served him foods because families were out, and I just realized
I have not done much things to him, neither to my other grandparents.

I also always want to know, what do they want.. What do grandparents want and what do parents want us to give them? I'm sure it's not Gucci purses or Jets, but I just wonder if they can talk to me what they want to have and to do for the rest of their life.

So today I decided to clean up all the dishes (never done it before) because I think when my grandma come back she won't have to spend time on the kitchen and so on.
I thought I can give her a purse or something, but seriously.. I don't think that's what she wants now.
-maybe that's what I want hahhaha~

yea., so thinking about growing old and spending the rest of our life
pretty sad when you leave the world young, coz you never expect to and you cant get the chance to do what you wish to do.
But pretend you're an elderly gm/gp.. what would you like it to be? What do you want to do?
Who do you want to spend the time with?

I want to know what you guys think.AGAIN. this is just random stuffs I thought about.

for me.. I want to spend my last times on the seaside, maybe like in Bali or Hawaii....
not florida! TOO HOT >.<
and I want to chat with my friends and family together. Drink some coconuts and just don't care about anything including problems outside and money whatever those stuffs are.
I want to relax my mind.
Need to go to the Church to consult with God what are things I need to bring on my luggage to move to the Heaven ;p
And I want to smile every second that I have, to every person no matter I know them or not (They won't fall in love with me anyway, coz when I'm old won't be as cute as I am now)
and.......... just prepare everything well.

Tell me, what do you want it to be?



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