Get to know them and BE THEIR FRIENDS! Part 3

Heyy!! It has been a while since I haven't give an update about these things
How's it going?
I got some friends that make friends already with each other
so happy for that :D
I'm glad that you guys enjoyed it

I want to introduce you some other cool people to be friends with once more!
Just click on their names to get in contact with them:

University of Northern Iowa
Joy is a new friend of mine, an exchange student in University of Northern Iowa
Eventhough we are not close, but I know that she's a very calm and nice person to talk
and I think she's also another nice adventurer. Am I right??


Deni Yang 
Jakarta - Indonesia
 Pharmacy , Pancasila University
Interests: TSPC, rohani, debate :p , organizational activities and I bet sciences
Loyal friend, group member, student! I'm really amazed, is he older than me that he can be a lot more mature than me? But he's really respectful to others *esp. me* and really diligent
Sometimes he might be shy to older friends, but anyway.. he's cool friend to be!

Tirto Hutomo Yuandi 
Current City: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
--?what major? - University of New South Wales
Interests: he said 'something relevant' - and blogging?
Not so close with this one, but I know that he's really a very comfy place to share story with.
Very friendly and funny one, so let's joke around with him!

Current city: Cedar Falls, Iowa
Hometown, Des Moines, Iowa
Textile and Apparel (graduated) from University of Northern Iowa
Interests: Korean groups: 2NE1, big bang
She rocks! First time I met her, she looked cute and different from another
I mean, I think her style was so Korean, and the amazing thing she can speak korean too ;p
Really outgoing and friendly, I knew her through english corner and she was active in International Student Association's events. Very cool girl!


Current City: Singapore
Hometown: Jakarta Indonesia
Electrical, Electronic Engineering - Nan Yang Technological University 
Interests: Sports and Korean groups
One cool guy I have known and talked with. Though we do not chat a lot, but he's one nice person to talk with, and person that you can make fun of. (lol)
And be careful he can make fun of you too! ( just kidding) 
He's a good friend . 


Current city: Hollywood, California
Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Communication Arts - Electronic Media & Music:Jazz - University of Northern Iowa 
Interests: Shoes! Saxophone and Jazz, Filming, Glitter, Acting, Singing, Dancing, and many Divaish activities :p
One of the best person I know in the University, she's very friendly, outgoing, full of glitterish energy
and smart too! Well I should say extra diligent for inviting me to study together at 8 a.m :p
She's currently doing an internship in Hollywood , and soon will become a famous actress I would think :). Visit her blog! She has an awesome one! 

Kario Teguh Chandra 
Jakarta Indonesia
SMA Tarakanita 2 , Pluit
Interests: school, playing , tspc
One of my junior that can hit stages! He's my junior during the orientation that danced very interestingly in front of his seniors and other friends.
He's also a very enthusiastic and outgoing person. Joining TSPC's debate team, I know him quite well and I saw how he really is passionistic and diligent! but still crazy friend of mine! 


Seoul, South Korea
Education - University of Northern Iowa, Seoul National University
Interests: Education, Shopping (shopaholic! ;p) , music
One of my best-est friend found in the States. At first we found lots of familiarity and stuffs
that made us really go along well. And I really like how she becomes friends, really feel like my own sister and friend too. We can chat all night, we can have lunch together (thai resto*) and so much more
and I was so touched, still so touched, that she made me a birthday video .. 
I love her so much! Best friend!


Malvin Mattoaly  - secret nick name* ;p
Jakarta, Indonesia
Management - Tarumanagara University 
Interests: Games, Sports, Love <3 jk.
One of my bestest friend back home, we usually hang out together and *make fun of him* ;p
He's really extremely easygoing, you can just kidnap him and take him out whenever you want except if your other friends kidnap him haha. 
He's really a good place to share a problem, and .. an expert in love poems <3 woohoo citcuit!


Current city: Bandung , West Java
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Technical Industries - Parahyangan University 
Interests: *nothing* haha just kidding. she loves me. (or whatever!)
Don't be jealous, but she's my #1 top friend!
We're the best friend forever, though we met from senior high school only, but we (you can say) never fight. And we stick together always.. lol. 
She's a nice girl and innocent too, really nice, one of the best person I trust in my whole life (woww! this was so deep. wasn't it?) 
But she's a very very great friend of mine, that can be one of your friend too! (but don't steal her from me ;p jkidding)


Polina Bogomolova
Current City: Cedar Falls, Iowa
Politics, University of Northern Iowa
Interests: organizations, foods :), events
Great leader and active! First opinion comes first. A very sweet girl, that I've never thought can be friend with, but the fact? She's one of the friendliest and most outgoing person  I know.
She's the leader of International Student Association and I enjoyed it to work with her.
Very enthusiastic and nice girl to chat with :p Go polina! 


Francine Baktinadi 
Current city: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Finance, Accounting - University of New South Wales
Interests: Music (Guitar and Keyboard), dogs, foods, books, shopping
Craziest friend that skipped school together with me and went to gym place, celeb fitness ;p - looking for hot instructor lol
Anyway, she's a crazy friend and nice friend to hangout, chat with , and one best thing
she's very loyal.
She's also very smart and active in anything like she was the head of one part of student organization!

There are my friends who'd like to get more new friends to talk with and exchange stories, cultures and many more
you can also be part of my blog and get new friends :)
just contact me and go for it! 
Or you can just be the active viewers and be friends with all those great people
tell me if you guys friend already 
I'll be glad

hey by the way these things are not commercial whatsoever
I do it because I'm happy doing it

see ya!

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



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