Try to Compromise.

Aah the reality came to me already, the fact that I have to finish tons of summer classes works to do
one more paper on humanity and lots for ethic class :(

But life should keep on going right? 
So what I can do is to Try to Compromise ...
schedule and time managements !!

Mini Dress- no brand , Bag- Gosh, Wedges- Gosh 

Bow band- Icing by Claire's , Ring from Forever XXI, Alice in the Wonderland Bracelet - no brand, 
Best Ring - gift from Eva Andersen  from Claire's 

Tristan  Lee- Catherine Catarina- Sean Matthew

By the way lot of people asked me if I'm Korean, the answer would be
Yes, I am . 

but, Just kidding! haha. I'm Indonesian and currently studying in Iowa (University of Northern Iowa)
But I can understand (a little) by writing and reading Korean letters because I have some Korean friends
that taught me :) And I also learned from internet
then I applied it in my private written diary <3

So, let me know if you want to find out how your name's written in Korean

And today I went to shop, I found this eccentric little red friend:

what do you think?

By the way I'd like to know
Compromising with life. LOL!!

What's your dream?
when you grow up what do you want to be? 
And what kind of life and place to live would you like to have?

Make sure you have a great day okay? :)

Spread of love from me, 
Catherine Catarina Au Jong 



  1. I love Korea too! I think that your face is a bit like a Korean:))
    Well, I have a dream to be a Editor in Chief of fashion magazine..

  2. Love your new red friends!!! My dream is to have a book published!!

  3. Wow, those red shoes are amazing!

  4. I want to marry the boy of my dreams and be a writer. Of any sort.

    I LOVE your dress- so simple and chic. The graphic art is so unique :) You're adorable.

  5. lovelovelove your shoess!!

  6. I love your accessories!! You seemed to have a really lovely house too!! I want to grow old in Paris :-) xoxoxoxoo

  7. compromise - not easy...

  8. love your top dear.. and also the red shoes is very stunning.. :)

  9. Nice heels , u have high taste :)


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