Bueno San Antonio!

Fiuh, finally arrived home from a long ride from Dallas to San Antonio.
It took me 5 hours to sit in the car and be nice the whole time. I went there with my family: uncle, aunts, grandparents, and 2 little cute cousins that you guys adore ;p lol!

I got a chance to travel to some places over there and a now I've got a lot to tell ya!
I really love the city
The first time I arrived there guess what I saw!

This little buddy appeared just right in front of our car, however, we failed to catch them. :) They looked so pretty especially realizing that we found them around 11 pm and this city is really cool that still lot of people was still hangin around !

The view from my room (15th floor) of San Antonio Town (Riverwalk area)

spinning around and lovin the riverwalk!

And Guess what! Dream came true! I went to meet Shamu, the killer whales, they're one of my favorite animal besides dolphin, fish, and frogs, oops! and hamsters too. 
I went to seaworld on the second day on my trip to San Antonio

The entrance to sea world

some flamingoes and birds I saw. They're stunning!

and I finally went into Shamu's Dome

for me, Shamu's an amazing animal. They're a killer whale yet they can cooperate as if they're just
the tamest animal , or well act as if they're dolphin or so. They're just plain adorable :)

And by that time I got to see BABY SHAMU! It is actually big but not as big as the mom
I love it <3 it was cute when it swims 

the right -est one was the baby shamu

and I also adore the Sea Lion show! They're AMAZING!

The lady, Mrs. Cookie and The detective tried to solve a case

me on the Texas Splashdown!

AZUL SHOW: Beluga, Dolphins, Birds, and Acrobats all in one!
I also LOVE this show!!!

me and Shamu Pretzel :) cute!

and I also watched COOL VIBRATIONS - water skiing 

They're SO COOL! I want to be able to do that, but don't dare to do so :((

Best thing I've Played! : The Journey To Atlantis!!! :))) My fave and I because I purchased the quick queue so I cut 2hrs lines in all games and I got to play this 2x!
excited cousins in the splash zone !! >.<

Great game, Great Splash!

Happy day that I've been: I went to all the rides and most of the shows and I felt so nice
the most important thing..
I met Shamu, my dream, already!!!! <3

and we felt happy .... <3 

after Seaworld, we went on a boat ride, Rio San Antonio
on the riverwalk at night!!

some pretty views I got:

crowds around the riverwalk

cool design of Marriott hotel

just the way to the Riverwalk Mall

The Neogothic building :)

Tree that grows from the rock


it is the place of Americans that defended themselves from the Mexicans in the 1800s 
And 200 Americans vs. gazillions of Mexicans. You guess who won

on the way to the alamo

In front of The Alamo

and we went INSIDE it :)

photo by Ziggy Au Jong .

 I think Alamo is a pretty place for photoshooting
Looks like as if we're in fairytale or something ??

The Mozaic of The Alamo in front of Hyatt hotel

Riverwalk in the middle of the day <3 lovely clear water 
with the duck view

and sadly .. it's time to go back home :(
and headed with reality that I need to finish my summer class

By the way, how do you think about San Antonio?
Have you been there before? What's your favorite spot??

I know it's too bad that there're not much international tourists over there
I think not much people know about San Antonio huh?

Anyway! Summer's ending soon
you better decide what will you do for the rest of the break!




  1. whoa you had so much fuun!!! :D

  2. what a fun trip, cat!!
    i love the color of the flamingoes, they're amazing..so pretty...

    Dian Prad

  3. Looks like a great trip! Just found your blog, love it! Now following, follow me?
    xo Lynzy

  4. Cute photos. Love the flamingos and your floral dress!

  5. So jealous you got to go on a vacation!!


  6. Hi there Cath! Thank you for stopping by my blog. It looks like you had loads of fun! I would love to visit there some day. Love those sunglasses by the way and your sundress! I'm following you now, kind lady. :)

  7. wow you must be having the most amazing time!! I love Shamu!! xx

  8. Thank you all :) I did enjoy the trip
    and how about you? Do you spread lots of joy during summer time??


  9. Yay for traveling! It looks like you had an AMAZING time.

    Looks fabulous!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  10. love the flamingo.. they are so cute :)

  11. hi there! i recognize you as my junior in high school, am I right? :) looks that you had loads of fun there! nice shoots

  12. très très jolies photos, j'ai pris un réel plaisir à les regarder.

  13. looks so amazing!!
    love all the photos, all of them are pretty..

  14. Looks like a great time!

  15. looks like you're having alot of fun in texas :)
    iyaaa kenal fanny jg :) hehehe..
    itu foto yg pake kacamata bulet bagus :)

  16. that is so fun!!! i love the photos!! it makes me want to go there!! the dolphins, the lights, the rides.. the pretzel!! yum!

    Animated Confessions

  17. GREAT! i wanna go there as well.. kya kyaaa..


  18. your vacation looks so fun! im jealous! those sunglasses are so cool!

    thanks for the follow. i followed you back! :)

  19. tHanks all

    hope one day we can go to san antonio!
    it's such a great city to go to.


  20. Can't let this one pass, Catherine. At the time of the Alamo, us Texans were fighting for our independence from Mexico- We were the REPUBLIC of Texas. We wouldn't join the United States of America for several years after that.

    There were many famous Americans at the Alamo, come to defend a fellow English speaking, liberty and freedom loving, republic. Such as Davy Crockett, who was impeached and kicked out of the US Congress to which he replied "Y'all can go to Hell, I'm going to Texas!"

    Texas history, serious business. :D


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