Sunny Santa Monica

Hi! Sorry It's another late posting :)

Last month I went to Santa Monica Beach with some of my friends. It has been a year I haven't met them, but last month on my trip, I went to Hawaii and California and got to meet them.
One of my happiest time

Santa Monica that day was sunny. Do you know? It is where Dear John movie was filmed at the beginning, well, to make it clear they said that it is where Savannah's house was.

Dress - Forever XXI, Shoes- Gosh, Bangle- Naughty,
 Bow band- Claire's , Statement Necklace - Gaudi

The view from the top

L-R: Ivan, Novi (Fashion Graph), Me, and Ricet

Now you can see, "Ah yes! That must be the Shooting place ;p "

And this is the Shopping Place
I forget what's the name but it was fun!!!

Yesterday I asked some people which I will put on my next blog tomorrow
If you can choose your own nationality
What would you like to pick??
And why?




  1. ooh i love santa monica :D u are currently living near the beach, is it? :)

  2. Yea I love it there too ^^
    Well actually I'm not.
    Currently I'm in my cousins' house at Dallas, TX
    But I'm studying in Iowa at the states.. and there's no sea/lake over there :(( unfortunately

    But I'd be great if I can go to beach a lot, because I love the great view of sea

    Where do you live, Patricia?


  3. Wow!! It must be very fun there!:D

    If I can choose my nationality, I will choose to be a French.
    I like classy and classic thing. and I think France has it all. They're beautiful and romantic country with so many history in there. so classy..:)

  4. The first picture is just suuuuper cute! Loving it and your blog.
    All the best

  5. i love that necklace! fun pictures you took, it's contagious (i mean your spirit is).

  6. your jumpshot is beautiful !!
    have an awesome TGIF !

  7. err I don't know, American perhaps? It's too difficult to get a Green Card for non Americans hahaha. i love your bag!

  8. Love that dress! This looks like a lot of fun. :)

  9. Hi! Thanks for following my blog, Im gonna follow this blog of yours :D Ohh thanks for the comment also and congratulations on getting on 'A country grils blogs' blog aswell. :) <3 Sarah..0x

  10. love your jump shot catherine!

  11. I still love to look at this :D Thanks for all your comments :) 0x

  12. Anonymous7/31/2010

    looks so much fun! and also, adore your necklace! ;)

    Castor Pollux

  13. superb! i wanna go thereeeeeee..


  14. I love this dress soooooooooooo much. You look sooooo amazing in it. You're really working it!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


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