Prisoner of Love

Today I'm so worried.. will I be able to finish my online summer class.
Sometimes I envy those who take regular classes instead of classes at home
I have no mood of studying, have no friend
so empty and silent.
and I hate being lonely...

I'm so happy because yesterday I composed a song
'I'm always for you'
dedicated to my family and friends that I love, always, indeed.
(if you want to hear it you can look it up! it's on my facebook)

Cause I'm a Prisoner of Love
Each time I fall for one and thought it will work and being captured
they dumped me and keep binding my heart til it kills. 

(though I don't plan to marry - I am normally fall in love like others)
and that's what I feel each time I like a guy

( Plain White Shirt - no brand, Jeans Overall - Apple Bottoms, Studded Vest- Boom Boom) 
I got the vest and the overall from thrift store


(Shoes - Joey , Bangles- Walmart, Best Ring- Gift from Eva Diva from Claire's,
Left ring- Forever XXI, bow and flower rings - unbranded, bow denim hairpin- Claire's) 

So today I don't really feel good
Another day that I wasted but I feel so tired.

If you feel like a prisoner of love
and imprisoned to one person .. only.
But he/she dumped you after you thought he/she likes you
What would you do?

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. Great outfit! Love your heels :)


  2. nice shoes and the teddy bear is so cuteee :)

  3. great vest, and those heels are killer! :)

  4. I love the lyrics and your heels are sooo stunning baby!XO,BarbieJunk

  5. 've done online classes before - I think I finshed all the coursework 3 weeks before the end of the course? it's good if you can stay motivated right?! lol.
    cute pics x

  6. love love your studded vest.. :)

  7. Anonymous8/01/2010

    wow,your heels,super amazing!
    and i must agree that i hate being lonely.


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