The Shoes' Galaxy - My little Galaxy is here

Some of you might have seen my blog about this
so how about if I just give another point of view of the same pictures?

Stories Behind My Shoes' Galaxy

1. Nikelina Reddelado
Born: Jakarta - 4 years old  
Experience: malls, vacations 
Skills: very comfy and air circulated well!!
Value: $20 ish 
Story: So my mom gave me her from Nike, because I love red color
and my mom loves this style, looks neat

2. Jeanne Petra
Born: United States , Forever XXI - January 2010 
Experience: celebrations, malls, restaurants 
Skills: matches easily and unique looking
Value: $10.99
Story: Decided to give myself a present for Chinese New Year from sale section 
in online Forever XXI

3. Skechers Pinkiddo
Born: United States - Amazon - February 2010 
Experience: outdoors, classes 
Skills: cool looking and waterproof
Value: $17
Story: After seeing a lot of students wearing sk8r shoes, I decided to get one
but I was looking for the most worth it. And I got this
though it's for kid, I like the style and color
and I think it's a friendly price for a shoes!

4. Brownal Brothers
Born: United States- Forever XXI, April 2010 
Experience: malls, outdoors, theater performance
Skills: very unique looking and high so makes me looks very tall
Value: $10.99
Story: Needed high heels, and was a dilemma between this and the other one
but because of the uniqueness I ended up choosing Brownal Brothers ;p
nice choice and I never regret for choosing them

5. Gonniarch Malioboroo
Born: Yogyakarta - 2010
Experience: malls 
Skills: very comfy and casual looking
Value: $10 ish.
Story: I think when my brother went to central Java he got it for someone
and my grandma just gave it to me.!

6. Fioni Ribbonessa
Born: Chicago, May 2010 
Experience: malls, restaurants 
Skills: cool heels (gold) and elegant looking
Value: $4
Story: Found it neatly in Goodwill! And it works well with my feet

7. Simplevet Texturanza
Born: Chicago, May 2010
Experience: malls, vacations 
Skills: very casual and makes legs looks really sexy
Value: $4
Story: Another collection from goodwill , that I thought will be useful for me

9. Columbiana Bootsya
Born: Chicago, May 2010
Experience: -
Skills: very strong and water proof for winter
Value: $6
Story: Found it! In Good will, and I thought it's kinda the same with my roommate
which she bought for nearly $200
and it's still new I think the owner might have just used it once or twice !

10. Blackyjoe Emilly
Born: United States - June 2010
Experience: -
Skills: cool looking, works well with outfits, tall
Value: $10.99
Story: Present for myself :)

11. Wedgedia Gosheppuda 
Born: Jakarta - June 2010
Experience: church, airport, restaurants, festivals, outdoor shopping 
Skills: works well with outfits and real cute!
Value: $40
Story: My mom bought it in Indonesia and sent it through my grandparents who are visiting the States and met me in Hawaii

12. Whitianne Pearldiva
Born: Jakarta -June 2010
Experience: restaurant 
Skills: very pretty and cute looking
Value: $40
Story: Another shoe bought by mom and sent here to the states

13. Sportivacet Orangus 

Born: Jakarta - June 2010
Experience: Universal Studios, Santa Monica Beach
Skills: very comfy tho in the first use as well as cute lookin'
Value: $30ish
Story: My mom bought it in Indonesia and sent it through my grandparents who are visiting the States and met me in Hawaii

14. Shouty Yellowbowie 

Born: Jakarta - June 2010
Experience: -
Skills: eccentric and real cute!
Value: $40
Story: My mom bought it in Indonesia and sent it through my grandparents who are visiting the States and met me in Hawaii

and those are my shoes that are available now
for me.
I love them and just realized they are like my fashion buddies

Do you have any name for your shoes? What is your kind of favorite type of shoes?
meet you there in your galaxy!

Catherine Au Jong



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