i talk purple


Today I just found out I received a defective camera
and I lost my disney films, issssssssh!
today I received a very thorough and lovely letter from my diva
Eva Andersen
She said that it will be cool if I post a video as well in my blog!
and here it goes.

Today I made a creation of LEOPARD - top -
though I feel it's really hard to find a match to this top

This top really thin, and besides it just does not match skirts, my guess
and well.. just take a look.

Overall look:
I am not really satisfied with my own look today
don't know whether it's because it's not good
or it's just my bad mood
But that top just has cut in the middle
and when I combined it with the skirt it looks like my tummy was so big

and so how could I solve it?
anyone knows good pair for the top?

Left hand:
BEST ring from Eva Andersen *The Diva* - 3 diamonds connector from Forever XXI
Wing bracelet - Bangles from Walmart 

Right Hand:
Bow ring - Key connector  
Alice Bracelet

Overall accessories:
I think the right hand side is not balance with the left one
though I tried to divide golds and silvers
what do you think? 

The Shoes:
Forever XXI
I think this really matches the skirt! and the style
love it!

what do you think?

with or without?
I prefer without because it was more elegant to be with out this hat

watch from my grandmother~





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