Ten States One Year

Hei, actually I pretty much has no style to offer today
However I have something interesting (at least for me!!) ;p

I realized that I've spent a year here in the states
Though I'm studying in Iowa, the small but pleasant town..
I have been to some places over the states

1 year 1/5 of this big big island 

Let's see....

1. Dallas, Texas 
The Lone Star State
as soon as I arrived in the states I landed in well actually Houston, but I went to Dallas
because my family's house is in Dallas
and these pictures are from the Longhorn show place (I forget the name! argh!)

2. Chicago, Illinois
Land of Lincoln
next in line was Chicago. My other family lives there too
Honestly it was my first time seeing the real america like the one I saw on TVs.
When I hit downtown. Well, that's what I saw!! :)
1st picture was in Sears/Willis tower (104th floor) - and 2nd picture was in Bahai temple in suburb area

3. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 
America's dairyland
though it was a very short trip, but I found it fun
Lake Geneva you can go on boat ride and play on the beach
but since my family do not enjoy boat rides. We went around the town and get some 
homemade ice creams and cakes! They're TOP!!!

4. Cedar Falls, Iowa
Place where I spend most of my time in
It's where my university located, University of Northern Iowa
first picture is my 1st time seeing my university , 2nd picture we were in Waterloo (Cattle Congress - theme park and farm) and the 3rd picture at UNI's campanile during homecoming
where everyone can kiss the one they love together while hearing UNI songs below the campanile! 

5. New York, NY
The Big Apple State
My birthday and christmas present from my uncle and aunt
Ticket to NY!! :)
NY is my favorite city afterall! and Times square is my favorite. Though I went there during winter
and shower always disturbed my tours, I love it and fall deeply in love into it!
First picture was in Times Square and the second .. you know! Liberty statue, liberty island!

6 . Denver / Rocky Mtn., Colorado & Nebraska
The Mile High State
The toughest adventure.
I went there on bus for 17hrs each trip (34 hrs. round trip)
I passed nebraska back then but I didn't take any picture because it was too dark and by that time
I was ttooooo tired

But it pays! It was my first time snow shoeing and I got nose bleed and dizziness because the altitude was too high. And when I ride the horse (myself!! *;p) at first the horse jump and lifted the two front legs so that I was like WOOOO! NO! but 'Monkey', his name, was a really good Pony!! :) we ended up being friends. 
I'm sure I lost few pounds from that trip! >.<

7. Napanese - Amish Colony, Indiana
Amber Waves of Grain
It was a day trip on my grandma's birthday during this summer break
really interesting place to go
The Amish people never use electricity and buttons on their clothing
and all done so traditionally. A must visit! 

8. Seattle, Washington
Evergreen State
Well it's kind of like a transit from Chicago to Hawaii
But I was there for 6 hours only and I stayed in Tacoma
But it seems like a fun city, I bought some postcards and guides on places to visit in Seattle
So Seattle will be my next destination !!!

9. Honolulu, Hawaii 
Aloha State
Dream come true! I was singing Lilo and Stitch's song the whole trip!
It was so fun. I went there to meet up with my grandparents who did a touring around the states 
first picture was me in Waikiki beach and the 2nd was a picture in Pearl Harbor
I was not really satisfied since I did not do any island hopping.. anyway I will go there again next time
to see other things I missed

10. Los Angeles, California
The Golden State
The nicest ! Why? Because first of all I got to see some of my old friends from Highschool and also some new friends too :) 
Next on the line, you gotta know I really adore disney ! And finally I went to Disneyland (my 1st time)
and I really love it especially the shows <3 lovely 
I want to go back to those times. First picture was in some place like maybe Farmer's market or so, but the place is very pretty like European style kind of thing. And the 2nd picture, obviously, disneyland
we also went to Hollywood, and Universal studio as well as Santa Monica
but I posted the pics already! 

a year has gone well.
and I hope after those time
I will also have another fun year .. 
More plan visit perhaps: Arizona (visit my friend), Florida (funs!), Michigan (another friend), Las Vegas (fun fun!!), and San Fransisco.

Well I also want to go to Hawaii (again) and Seattle ..
and maybe next December and Summer I'll go back home to Indonesia 
as well as a little visit to (maybe) Poland and Denmark if I can (it's my friend's marriage and I think going there for a little visit might be sweet. and go by train to Denmark to visit my another great friend!) 

Do you have any suggestion of any pretty places to go ???

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. awesome pics! i like the one from that glass building! I'd be terrified! by the way, what camera do you use? :)

  2. What a fun year of travel! Awesome that you got to visit Hawaii. :)

    xx Love & Aloha
    *Swing by to enter my Wendy Mink Jewelry Giveaway!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. wow, you really had a ton of funs in a year! im happy for you :)
    i hope you will have another great year soon
    anyway, thanks for following me via. google :D

    The Coronet

  5. OMG! it seems like you had lotsa fun there. I'm so jealous :x

    have a great day!!

  6. wow!
    stunning post:P


  7. I looooovvvveeee this post!
    must be great to have travelled to all those place in just a year!
    keep doing it! traveling is what makes us all grow as individuals!
    and you looked stylish in all your pictures :))

  8. Thanks all :) I really enjoy the states
    I use canon 450D or we can say XSi and macro lens, a christmas gift from my dad <3

    Yea I visited Hawaii, one of my top three fave destination to go! :) Nice to know some hawaiians :p

    I love travelling so much
    but so confused where to go next on the line ;p



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