Keep your healthy smile!

Maintaining a healthy and bright smile is not easy friends
you have to do a lot of maintenance and tasks in order to get it!

Today I went to the dentist to check up how my teeth's going on
last month I did a deep cleaning, people thought that it hurts, personally I think it's fine

Periodontal Disease, that was the thing going on on mine
hey! sounds like dangerous.. It is! but most people around this globe has that
(so if you haven't check up for a while, check it out!)

So what if I got that?
Not only that you will not be healthy , but you will lose your teeth early (ompong!)
That's why lots of grandmas/pas did not realized, they thought they lose teeth because they are old enough
but it's a myth. It's because our gum no longer capable of holding the teeth anymore
why? Because the bad guy in between our teeth went in our gum and scrape them!

1-3 is a normal depth of our gum
if it's more than 4 : oow you should get a deep cleaning asap to stay healthy

Why can we catch periodontal disease?
It's because of our bad behavior of maintaining our teeth
can be lack of check ups (at least 2x a year) - 
not flossing? (questionable but yet still a valid reason)
crude habit of brushing teeth (watch the video to know how's the right way to brush our teeth)

So, if you want to still smile like these :

you'd better act quick and smart

You're not gonna lose teeth early, are you?

so! Keep it healthy and clean

Good Luck all!




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