Tears over Desired Proper Life

today I really want to cry ...
I am always in the middle of trouble and have no power

Respect is the only obligation I have now. Not love, nor like
I wonder if I can also respect when I grow up..
come on, you dump my life so badly.

Money is blind.
It is really not happiness.

Some people just live whatever, don't care about how wealthy their life is
but joyful
Living with money, good that you happy.. Though sometimes it is question.
can we really live well enough with money.

The world is blinded.
The eyes are sick.
No more love, all kept in secret, it is all just obligation
or even rules that we follow.

This is what? 2010? Not the year I want to live in
Please bring me back
I hate old times, but if people say life is happier
please, please pull time back for me.
I want to live happy and well enough to just be a kid, just be a proper girl, just be what others can be

Seeing an unfortunate truth
cracked my heart, blinded my love that I have given these days.
I love you, but now....

I hate you. sorry. I do.



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