Little Bit Touch of a Lady

Today, I don't feel really well.
My guess, because of sleep deprive??
I slept 5:30 am today, and woke up 10 am?? it's 4 1/2 hours, babes!

I did study today, though now I'm taking break,
Kinda not in the mood coz my pencil just ran out of filling, and
I dislike writing with those wood pencils.

Not that it is a style,, but for me pencil is like a spear while going to war.
Need the sharpest and tiniest one..
Really, I love writing but also I need good utensils

Well.. Today I did take some snapshots 
about Lady-Bathroom and LeopardBabe.

welcome to the bathrooms.. ladies and gentleman

I was just 'whatever' 
See my tank top.. it says 'University of Northern Iowa'
Hahahahaha... ^^ whatever d.

I took this as an inspiration - because I did it myself, it was hard!!! >.<

Haha. Funny!!

BATHROOM LADY - gagal abis!! failure failure!!

NOW IT'S LEOPARD :) My fav outfit this week ^^

Because I got it for a good deal.!
It was from forever XXI and got it for $9.99

Nice isn't it??

Hahaha I borrowed someone's property. So I don't want to publish all of em
in facebook ::((((

I love this picture!! <3

Hey this looks like boss of mafias

Me and the Finnish Vodka


Playiing with other properties

BOSS nich :)

So, how was your day??
Mine, not good. But still life should keeps on going, right??

Take Care!!

Catherine, A.



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