Lake and Beauty, Welcome to my new home ..

Hello world, sorry I haven't updated my blog for FOREVER.
I think blogspot had just faced some sorta problem.

Yesterday, I went  to Chicago Dowtown- Argyle area.
My aunt asked me if I wanna chill a little around the lake area. Though we spent $10 only for parking!! -.-'
but it was actually a great view that I saw. It was just amazingly blue and looks like a painting, amazing, gorgeous.

Beautiful Sky *

as my family walked. I see blessings of what I've been to

It's me!! 

I saw this girl jumped - she looked so excited :)

and so,, we walked through the lakeside. And It was RAINING!!! :(((

But really it just didn't stop me from having fun!!

oooo this duck is so graceful

Cute Seagull


<3 it!! thanks for my aunt who asked me to go here
$10 is nothing compared to what I've seen 




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