New Challenge -- New Courage.. I can do it ! I can do it! Can't I??

Today that I faced trouble
I don't dare to tell.
But I pray to God, I am indeed a good girl
and young. Don't let me get into hard troubles...
Can you hear me??

I went to Chocolate factory at Long Grove today ~~ yumm
I look like chubby in these pics tho.. well it is because I used some sort of jeans inside my dress :)

I did enjoyed the tour, but it's just --- wth
they did not allow us to take a pic during the tour
I mean. WHAT!?! r u kidding me??? -- noooo!!

But well. I came already, so what's the point of going back, right?

--- and the fact that it is 12:08 am already.. means that I need to go to sleep for another journeys 
waiting for me ===

You know what the happiest thing today is knowing it is 11 days away from departure to Los Angeles, and that I am going to Wonder Girls Concert in 3 weeks and 3 days, Dallas next month, also San Antonio -- and meet my DREAM to meet SHAMU!! :D 
I just knew that I am going to San Antonio with my cousins and family in Dallas, with Fiefie , grandma and grandpa today! 
They said that it is such a great and pretty area! :D love it love it!!

Though yea I should've go touring US by the end of the week next week :((
I miss my dad, mom, and brother.
Hope one day, tour around the world *ehm. put it in my bill, please ^^

I will. I will do it. Dream High.
and If you ever face problem.. no worry. Don't stop coz you'll fail. Keep on doing it, till you catch your dream
New Challenge , New Courage
I can do it! I can do it! Can't I?

--- You bet?? Tell me bout it, gals! guys!

Catherine. Catarina. Au Jong



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