FINALLY!! I am done with the 2nd exam for western civilization, I missed 1 question ^^ woohoo

Well, anyway I feel so free eventhough I know I still need to study the chapters after that :((

it is 1 1/2 week to LA... I am so excited..
I haven't been anywhere over here. helloooowww... tho I wish my parent got visa :(( If that's the case I should be touring by the end of next week. freeeeaaaaakkkk :(((

Today, I got to install corel in my laptop, you wanna see how it turned out??

this is my vintage version - click here - to give a thumb and vote this if you like it

well, I like this one in some way, but sometimes I do feel it's too full?? or .. 
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This is the simplest one, but my fave... :)
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and today I took some pictures of a flower (fave!!) - again - haha don't blame me
I love the flowers here.. They are gorgeous!
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It has been a nice evening. 12:02 let me close this day sleeping earlier
So how was your day? Isn't it amazing???

Wait for my updates! Tomorrow I am going for another adventure :D

love you,
Catherine Catarina Au Jong 



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