Aloha From Cheesecake Factory!!

Hello friends, today.. I went to Eli's cheesecake in downtown Chicago

They have a tour.. well it was short and unfortunately I was not allowed to take any pictures
But it was nice, and I think their cheesecake is YUMMY!!
We got 2 free cheesecakes from answering their trivia during the presentation, and also got one each after we
were done with the tour: mango, caramel, reese's, and chocolate I guess

It was a nice one.. and when I went home I studied... and eat much today
I feel so hungry :( and I cooked my own dinner!!

Thank you for today. I am stressful about my summer school
But, LA , WG concert, Dallas, San Antonio, and CEDAR FALLS are waiting ^^

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



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