Memorial Day Sale

So,, yea! Today it's Memorial Day
And... I don't even know why businesses have discounts this day
Well, let's go on.
Today I shopped at F21!! >.< AAW. I love it

So ... here we go, 

today I went to Wood Field Mall, IL

went to Forever XXI and the line was hell long

I got this fur jacket - the only 1 left for $9.99

This one - ask for price??

This one too >.< speechlessly lovely!

and this wonderful sunglasses at A'gaci (new store just like forever xxi)

and I went to Disney Store <3 uh lalala, Minnie Mouse is so chubby these days
I wanna pinch her

See!! Aren't they cute???
And when I was looking at it, a boy and his siblings were arguing which character should they buy
it's like 2 for $20. 
So .. bla bla bla
and that boy suddenly say, " so let's just buy all of them!"
My aunt was like gg and said "yea, you're right!!%$^&*"

hahahah - funny kids

Fluffy Tinkerbell

went back,,,

and continue life :)

catherine-redpolka pineapple



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