Hello, Amisian :)

So, I guess today I traveled another state? Yes. It was Indiana, just below Illinois where currently I stay (and eat a lot - blame it on my grandma who cooks Indonesian foods everyday!!!)

Yea, It was indeed a tiring one. Now that I feel like my legs are broken (n) nonfunctioning ^^
I woke up 6am , though I slept late last night because it was my grandma's birthday and we gave her a surprise present!!

Now, going back to Indiana.. It was a three hours trip, which my aunt drove!!
But I slept in the car :) -- this feels good >.<

yea, we went to Amish Acre located in Napanee, Indiana

Amish people are Swiss- German people whose language is Dutch (written germany and speak english)
I think it is actually a religion!!

Grandma and Grandpa in front of the Amish Acre

I did not think it was like 'that'. I mean, their place is just even more traditional than the village in my country
In Indonesia, even people in villages do have TVs, DVD players, cameras and even computers.
When I entered, it feels like , what?! Are they living in the 18th century or something????

In the Greeting Barn Shop

Well as you can see in the picture, I mean it's not like there is no electricity for people, there is! But for themselves, they are not allowed. They use candle and kerosene lamp, I believe. 

Types of Hats of Amish people

The Amish, they have various kind of hat. Since they were little kids.. Their parents use it on them so they'll use to it. And for married women, they need to cover with another black hat to go out, and change to the white hat in their house
The tour guide said,"it will be the first thing they use, and the last thing they put off in the day"
It was amazing for me, .. hey! It reminds me of my roommate, a muslim!

Amish Dolls

Old Antique Kettle in the Restaurant

So, yea! We pretty much begin everything from L.U.N.C.H
We ate at the only restaurant there and ordered some foods: Beef Stew, Chicken Noodle, and Bean Soup
They were okay.. but you know!! That BEAN SOUP is like 'SURPRISING!'

it's like a pail of soup with a garden of beans

I mean, honestly.. it was just TOO MUCH for us. I was so sick of bean afterwards.. and promise no more bean for months! at all!!

Okay, after we ate.. we went to take the wagon tour, we got a very friendly tour guide. Her name is Jenny Mae. 
1. Me and Jenny Mae
2. The Wagon driven by an Amish man

Going, touring with the wagon was amazing! I enjoyed it.. 
And once we stopped at a school.. It was a German school in which students went there to study German language for reading bible and stuffs. 
They usually went there after school, and luckily they have no homework because they were busy enough helping families on those times. 

After we were done with the wagon tour, we took the House Tour, in which we went through their lives at home and productivities. 
However... In the middle of the tour I felt so painful stomach ache and nearly fainted because it was so freaking hot!! It was 91degrees out there, can you imagine?!

So yea, once I felt really weak.. my family put me on a wheelchair to go to the bathroom and I threw up!! >.< GOSH!

We waited there for about 2 hours, waiting so I feel better, and yes I did

Luckily we got the chance to repeat the tour, so this time I did it!

oh by the way, the girl with white hair.. She is an Amish
but, actually they are not allowed to take picture based on the 2nd commandment of their religion
but.. well She didn't know, I took it anyway lol >.<

Yea, let me begin with the House tour!

So.. this is the drying food room where they dry their foods like noodles :)

Place to cook apple cider :)

Kitchen -- ^^ --

Sausage room they made - burnt!!

Inside the house

The Kitchen - Shaving Mirror - and Apple cutter

The Amish Daily Outfit - NO BUTTON NO ZIP

me and the wagon

Me and milking place

Broom industry place

the room

The meat market

I had a great time here!
Hope you too!
Tell me your story dear...

Good bYe.. I love you Indiana



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