A day feels like Princess - WONDERFUL DAY

Today, I just played computer and studying ''pppp boriing

and suddenly my grandma brought these letters in
uh ye. I ordered case for my Ipod..
then what?


And I looked it up

So here is the story, one blog dedicated to my BEST BUD : Eva Diva.
well, her real name is Eva Andersen. 

We met in Astronomy class, with our lovely professor, Mr. Thomas Hockey:

it's him!! :)

Yea, we sat *always* in the front row - LATHAM HALL 225
me-eva- and sean.

First time I saw her, I always think wow. Unlike other students we both like to dress up for class!!
And I know for sure that pink is her fave. She always commented on my shoes of the day
and...We match! :)

We studied together for a lot of times *only for exams tho*
because we do think
ASTRONOBEE is sucks..perhaps.
and hard. yea true.

As time goes by, we also studied with Christian
and finally for the last exam, we met more often
and became closer to each other.

Eva, I have a little secret
do you know the day of CUP OF JOE?
I am such a lazy reader you know, I don't read text well
and ended up misread your text

you said it was 8am, and I thought it was 8pm
So I slept, and when you called me 8:06am
I was shocked. I just brushed my teeth and washed my face
Didn't care about other thing, though I used kinda fancy outfit just because

I always prepare my outfit since the night before the day :)

So sorry for that!!

and when it was your birthday
I thought of what should I give to you
and I love dress, I believe you do too.
So I decided to give this pink dress on you

by the way, you really looks amazing and you just look like barbie.

That night I wish I could've bring more people and give a surprise for you

but what's surprising for me is how you like it,
that was the first time.. first time.. I saw people really happy and appreciated what I give
maybe people in my country they are too used to presents that they don't respect as much
but you did.
So, I am sooooo HAPPY for that - thanks that you like it..

--- by the way. 
She also came to my fashion show, and the nicest thing is that when I danced on stage, 
she danced there, back there. You pumped me up over there!!

and she also asked me to join the filming things
I was so happy to join, joining Eva's video is a pleasure you know
you should check it out
open youtube.com and type EvaDivaSuperstar
I enjoy watching her videos, so do my family.

Oh yea by the way .. soon she's gonna make a new blog
I'm waiting..
and I will answer the challenge of this girl,
that by tomorrow
I upload pictures of me and creation of gifts that she sent me today

have a great time in Greece and LA, MS.DIVA!!

Thanks Eva, you are a great one ! You are true friend
Diva, but warm hearted and down to earth (or to mars??) lol

Love you, 

Catherine. A.
and always miss you. big hug!!



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