a dream come true

Since I was a little
I have always been wanting to go to Hawaii
and it came true!

It was just Friday that my mom text me saying that I will not be able to meet up with my grandparents if I go to LA
So.. we decided to meet in Honolulu, Oahu-Hawaii

I directly bought the ticket with Alaskan air with transit in Seattle Tacoma for 6 hrs. And decided to go there on monday 8AM arrived in Oahu 8PM Pacific Time.

waiting for next flight to honolulu in seattle tacoma

watching percy jackson in the plane :D

next day .. the tour went to king kameha meha's place.
The only castle in the US.

In Pearl Harbor with my grandparents

raising US flag in USS ARIZONA's memorial 

and after we were done, everyone went back to the hotel.. and I decided to visit
Waikiki beach :D

and unfortunately I couldn't join the dance dinner.. so I left to the airport and
my grandparents continued their tour :(

it was a nice experience
but next time I will need to go there again to do:
snorkeling, surfing, island hopping, and watch the hula dance

Thanks God for this opportunity!!




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