Hollywood - House of the Stars

It was the 23rd of June 2010. 
After a 6hrs flight from Honolulu to Los Angeles.
Finally 5:20 am I arrived in LAX , LA. 

It was a tiring flight, overnight flight and I was in the middle of 2 eccentric smelled females
Really hard to move and I just can't stand sleeping there.
I called the shuttle ran by the motel , Travelodge at LAX.

As soon as I arrived there. I got the room and.. GOSH it was just right at THE END
I brought 2 luggages and I picked it up and down since I found wrong building.
Seriously, by the time I really arrived in the room, my hands were shaking so badly. 
It was so bad!

Well.. I just took some rest in the room while suddenly my friend, Novi sent me a text:
"Sorry, I can't go there today because I miss the flight"
I was so mad!! Hey I'm here in LA already. Are you insane???
So I text my friend in LA.
and you know what?
I just figured out that she LIED to me.! Trying to make fun of my EMOTION!! :((

She arrived around 12 and we had lunch in Japanese Restaurant! 

After that, we went ahead to Pasadena, because Richard was about to register for his classes

it was me in front of Graumann's Chinese Theater with Donald Duck's Foot print 
and JACKIE CHAN!!! <3

This one's funny!! 
Girl " you want to see this??" , Boy " No way I'm doing it!"

in front of the Wax Museum - with Shrek
Richard - Ivan - Shrek - Novi - Catherine

And it was about to reach night, we went pass by Beverly Hills and then Rodeo Drive
and we DID  hit Farmer's market to get dinner!

It was stunning, I mean I did not expect it to be gorgeous at all
and when I arrived. ... *Speechless*

it was a very cool walking spot .. and the designs' like European style
I mean... well I'm not yet a designer. I can't really describe it ;p

Here's place where we got our FOOD

we were cracking up in the court but then.. luckily we survived and closed the day
by taking some cool view pics. ^^

and... for the two of us
as soon as we arrived at the motel.
we took some pics.
GIRLS you know. and tho we are no longer highschool student
we have the spirit <3

Novi and Me with flower pin bought in Hawaii :D

It was a bright new amazing day. Wish can go back there.

Have you been to Hollywood?? Tell me about your adventure!

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



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