these days I've been so into movies, romantic comedies :)
Yesterday night I watched Dear John with my aunt and uncle
OMG it was awesome, that movie made me 100% awake !!!
It's not because it is romantic, but because it is dramatic and emotional
I nearly cried especially when John's dad was about to die and he read his own letter for him saying that he loves him , which he never said before to his dad..
The actor in this movie is Channing Tatum (Step Up) and Amanda Seyfried.

basically, this movie is about love of a young US special Army with a college girl who met in the beach 
during break - about 2 weeks 

This is how they fell in love with each other, when she dropped her bag, and he dived .. took it for her

and they became closer in 2 weeks

till she has to go back to school and john has to go to Africa for the mission

But it did not break them apart, they communicated through mails.... and it took so much time
that they always waited for each letter to come every single day.
However, the story goes even more complicated than this. They experienced much more obstacles in their relationship.
But they ended up together, though it was like 6 years after or so.

Today, I watched 3 movies just by myself.
I watched The Ugly Truth
It was an okay movie for me, I mean it was light...
My favorite moment is when they danced together, and she had to dump her ideal boyfriend.
But this movie is so funny!!
The actor I guess, is Gerard Butler, and the actress is Katherine Heigl.


It's about a show production and the host thingy
The girl, Abby, actually is the producer and Mike is the host, who first met through TV show "The ugly truth"
Because Abby did not agree that a guy cannot truly LOVE girls.

Picture of them during the 'business' dinner - this was so funny! lol

This was when he hosted the small show, the ugly truth 

This is Abby and his 'surgeon' boyfriend,  Collin, when her behavior was controlled by Mike 

Abby and Mike dancing for Mike's success in San Francisco

First time, she did not agree to hire Mike to her office!! >.<

Wow. She is stunning!!! 

Then , after I watched this, actually moved on into Head over Heels, it's like published in 2001
actually even when I watched it , it's like OLD OLD!
but, I just love it because they guy looks cute :) *I think*

His name is Freddy Prinze Jr. 

In this story, he pretended to be a fashion designer or like producer kind of thing
but actually he is a secret agent from FBI.
He lived next door to a girl called Amanda (Monica Potter)

They met when a dog that he took for a walk, jumped on Amanda each time they met
and Amanda, because she is different , and she also see him different from other guys
They fell in love with each other


Though Amanda did not trust Jim, because she saw something mysterious on him
she kept on investigating him with her fellow roommates which are models


Last, but not least..
I watched *MY FAVORITE!* What Happened in Vegas
well.. hey don't blame me. I know this is old.
I know..
Hold on!!! I just did not like watching, you know!!
So. yea I just watched it and I think both of them (in the movie) made a PERFECT COUPLE!

I think this is a very funny movie, I suggest you watch this!! - The actor is Ashton Kutcher and the actress is Cameron Diaz (famous one, huh?)

It was all began in Vegas (I like that part) when they partied together and just was so fun. They look so gay, I mean.. Happy!

Actually they did not know each other..
They was desperate and went to Vegas, from New York
Eventually, in the hotel.. They got the same room (accidentally), and as they claimed to the hotel
they got coupons for clubs and all that.

and .. when they partied and stuffs,... unconsciously they declared marriage


and so be it.

They wanted to cancel it in the morning, it was fair.. But as they roll a jackpot game, 
they got 3mil dollars
So, they claimed it's theirs.. However!! They need to get together for 6 months in order to split the money

Problems and craps, they competed and dumped each other



They started to hate , but love each other

Until when they close to each other and their own lives, like family and works
They really fell in love with each other


But, when the time comes, and they need to decide,
Joy, the wife, decided to be divorced, knowing that Jack met her ex-fiancee and gave back her ring
Not only that, she also gave away the money, she need nothing as she said.

but in the end, Jack ran to Joy.. and asked if she wanted to be married with him 'again'
and she said 'yes'.
So they live together :D


next I might watch legally blonde and 'definitely, maybe'



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