Bee have ee or all - experimentation

t is one tuesday on summer, 
another day of rejection upon students' enemy, y'all say!! what is it?
STUDYING! yehhaaa
true true..

my attitude - my taste - ma fashion ** wink wink**

Ya gals, let's start with my first experimentation.. It is called 
"To The Peak, Holiday Blooms"


in this theme, however I tried to look 'springy' kinda thing
and the most important attitude is be fun!

fun and holiday. That's not what but one.


For this photo shoot none of my fashion items are branded. I bought most of them in a perfect deal :) 
all combined not even 25bucks 
Shop smart, ladies.. You can look pretty.. it depends on your behavior and how you
represent the designs itself.

Jump - Jump on holiday, by the way this is my aunt (Fiefie) and my uncle (Jerry) ' house.
The pond? It's my uncle's creativity
I found it soooo amazing!

Remember girls, to the peak, holiday.. not about being fancy.. but being FUN and BRIGHT!

Going to my 2nd idea of experimentation,
I call it HouseTrix. 
Because it is like Matrix in the House :p
ahahhaha... 'joy ous'

Let's see:

Haha I feel so sorry though for using my aunt's storage room :)
It was kinda 'whatever' and I just thought it was perfect for mafia kinda thing
and I just did it, Uh well.. as long as her friend won't see it I hope it should be alright.

and why I do this ?
because I know My hair style matches that kind of Chun Li thingy
and also,, 
by the way this is my first time dressing up like mafia kinda thing like this

feels so cool huh?? :D

It was awesome when I took this picture , I feel like someone else
though I enjoyed it so much, cause I feel...

COOL!! >.<

 the attitude for this theme is:
being independent, challenging, and ferocious.

This is perfect!! aww. aww!!

By the way this session was taken in my aunt's and uncle's house
I was so afraid that a monster will come from that storage room
however.. It didn't happen. Fiuh -.-'

and this is my uncle's casino machine.
crowd out when party happens <3

For fashion, again.. I don't use much branded stuff.
I bought that coat at garage sale though I think it is still new since I still saw the label on it
and the skirt I got it from sale section forever xxi. 
the heels? same thing.. though it is forever xxi, it was on sale and I thought it was so unique
therefore, here's the money.. Ms. Merchant ;p

Remember! whatever u use... the most important thing is to use
your behavior.. for sure!


Okay! now this is the beginning of the 3rd experimentation
Feels so sorry that I broke my stupid tripod, so start from here there'll be a lot of
'holded-by-me-camera' pictures. 

The name of the 3rd idea is :
Dressing Cabin and Me

For this, the behavior is like mysterious, struggled, and weak

(for weak, don't do that.. not good- this is just a style.. ok?)

These pictures, taken in my aunt and uncle's closet :)
yet I still find it amazing 
and want to have one!!

For fashion, I used clothes from UNI (my university - university of northern iowa), dress from my aunt
earring from forever xxi, hat from claire's and heels from forever xxi (again.. on sale)

Nah. Those were my ideas... wait wait! hold on
you should see my grand ma's ideas!!

Though she is kinda elderly, but she also has a taste of fashion
she gave some clothes told me to try..
FINE! WHATEVER. Let's see!!

Gypsy-ian : forgotten and come back

Amazing mix of color , for this theme it is a kind of sexy and tempting attitude.
Especially with attributes on hip
it was an amazing belt, perfectly match with the skirt itself

For this, I used my aunt's top and skirt and belt.. Though I think they have brand 
but don't ask me about brand. I know no more than forever xxi and louis vuitton ;p
those bangles .. I got from walmart :) cheap but chic.
and shoes from forever xxi

Going to 2nd experimentation
GRANDMA JESSICA'S experimentation of behavior:

The Lady - 公主 Gōngzhǔ
It was from Hongkong, my grandma bough my aunt this dress
and she said.. Try it

Using this dress I can feel the magnificence and traditional true beauty flowing through
this is amazing, dear!

she said. 

Next, it is a collaboration between my grandma and me:
The Melting Chocolate

When wearing this I felt like a career women
and mature, unique, pride ... This one is amazing as well!!!

actually it was a tank top and a long skirt
and I just tuck the top inside the skirt, put scarf and also tuck the end to the skirt
add belts 
it's like a dress

4th of my Grandma's experimentation called
Dance your salsa way!

when using this we think that it suits attractive and feminine kind of behavior
it is hard you know to combine elder fashion taste
but it works!

So let's dance our salsa way :)

Last but not least.. we just added a gap vest

Extraordinary classic and open behavior
plaid, plaid vest made me looked formal

So.. there you go
it was all..
and wait for our NEXTS. 



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