Facebooker's Avowal

So, that it always begin late at night.. well not that late.. A boredom.. or we can say fanciness of teens
let's just say 18th years old girls around the world, including me... 

It is late at night in which moon and stars are there already, hanging out and chillin' 
no longer amazed, a girl do this everyday.
Just so you know

12... or 0:00!! :) What to do? Nope! Good girls do not sleep this early
Study? DUH!! R u freakin kiddin me?! no way.! I gotta find this getaway's!

hmm. So ... another facebook night then? well, alright.. better than none..
let's do it, not a pleasure.. but enough for such a night with nothing.

Haha - Face the Book ! That's the culture, madames!  Seeing pictures of others
esp. chics and status updates, what a kind of pleasure.
It has its own.. what to say? juice? no! that's not the right word...

yea. FUN! though old people says "these kids, why do they talk and laugh to the folded computers?"
haha... I do,, I do understand, grannies...
This is cyber world 
when most people get their life in touch with friends and even mates :D aaw.

So.. It is 1:00 am. Aah!? wTH?!?!? this place is just too wrong, man!!
it is so damn hot and burning ..
Facebooker never realize, hot heat comes from their lovely 'folded electronics'

uuh well, whatever. This won't stop me .. stop me updating pics.. :) ihihi 

3:00 am---
awww. I received a comment.. This is amazing! amazing night
(everyday receiving a comment is like.. so good ~~)

Should I go to bed? Should I not?
Uh well, I don't care. I can wake up early anyway
I need to do facebook currently :p

OH NO! I am so tired, should I go to bed?
No! This facebook thingy still is working

Okay whatever, I'll do my facebooking first!! >.<

Now it is kinda empty.. but I'm still pumped!
let's make STATUS yea
crowd it out, girls
lets make an eccentric one : "I am a cute girl", share!

wow 50 comments :) happy happy :) Happy
(is nt it crazy? receiving a comment is like receiving A in classes?!)

So it is 6 am and facebooker can't just handle it :(
poor her.
I wonder if we do have this kind of habit?? Do we adopt this as a disease that facebooker call insomnia?
I do believe that this is indeed not insomia

it is just our trend to be like that

if you do know. please please suggest any kind of treatment that could reduce
facebook craziness throughout the facebook world

facebook is good
to much is HOEK - throw up.

world w/o love.



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