I feel so glad that soon this semester will end. hmm net about 2 more days
however, I also feel blue .

Some of my professors, they are just like my parents here.
I will miss them so big!!! :(

 I hope next semester I still can meet them, I wish - I hope. it will come true?
and seeing how my last friends' semester abandoning me now as if we don't know each other I feel so dissapointed
Is it how they see friendship??
I hope my friends this semester will still be my friend forever. I wish - I hope. will it come true?

I like how my professor and my friend welcome me, us, whoever :)
I know liking this university is not easy.
 I mean.. not that this is a bad university.... its just.. I am from the capital city in which I went to mall every 'singularity' ;p of day

and now I am here, in a kinda small place

well I don't care at all really, I feel that this university is so warm and homey
they greet you, they know you

not much space in earth is like THIS. this is my home, home away from home
my profs, they are my mom and dad here
my friends, they are my siblings here
and me.. I am not a spoiled little girl anymore
here in this unknown place, but harmonious
thus not much people can get happiness, right?

but I am lucky! I get it! :)
by the way. this posting is so 'off-topic'




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