I am 'adult'

I had a kinda fight with my mom, :(
so sad and I cried so bad
I just tried to be mature.. I learned so much since I've been here
I think now I am better in responding problem
I don't put offensive stuffs in facebook anymore
and yesterday when my mom was kinda mad. I tried to hold on and just responded calmly
tried to explain w/o using my emotion, and I felt so proud about it

By the way..
yesterday when I cried, 'acha came
and she advised me, and hug me
I felt so joyful that though I am in different country
I still have someone that loves me and care about me
she is like my own sister
and since I was alittle girl I really want a sister
so now I have 2 :p yoonmi and yeshi >.< (wow they all begin with Ys)
and international sisters woohooo ^^

but I love them too.
I hope 3 of us can be sister forever.
Thanks God, you've helped me prove that now
I am stronger and more mature

Thank you so much



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