My memory with Great Grandma, Ahtai

Right before I went to the United States, I met my great grandma in her shop located at Pasar Pagi
Unlike when I saw her when she was lying down in her house, I was so amazed by how strong looking she was. 
I went there just a day before my departure day...
and She was so innocent looking.
I really wanted to cry and I said, "Ahtai, Etin pergi dulu ya"
and She was shocked because she did not know it was that fast. 

I forget to tell you, my great grandma is nearly 90 years old, and she is still running her thread business until now. 
Well, actually she is not my biological great grandma, but I love her, and she loves us as if we are.

I can see that she was trying to be strong, and she was still looked innocent

We talked for a while with her and her siblings too.
When the conversation was about to end, I can't think of how rude I was. Just because I have a meeting with other friends, I just ended the conversation and watching the clock ticking.
I warned my mom by saying it was time for me to go to the mall.

But When I stepped out of her shop, 
I felt sooo soo guilty,
I said to myself, I have to go here again some day
bring her what she wants, and also take her around the world.
I want her to see what she never see before 
I want to see her, and what I can do now?
Nothing, just pray and study

I hope when I go back to Indonesia next year I will be able to meet her again
and give her my best gift..

She is sweet, and she is my great grandma
not really true, but loving.

I love you, Ahtai



  1. Anonymous11/27/2014

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