My thought about Animal Testing

Hey people. Do you know animal testing?
Which we use animal in order to test whether a product, like medicines or cosmetics is appropriate or not to be used for human?
In this case I believe most people r talkin about 'HIV/AIDS and CANCER drugs'

Me myself, I am FOR animal testing

You might think directly while thinking about animal testing, "Ooo poor animal, that's just so cruel". But ladies and gentlemen, wait!! It's only 1 direct point of view when we just hear
We have to know how the animal testing works!

People think that animal testing is that the animals are being tortured, and killed. That's ASSUMPTION.
Because what's happening is that they keep the quality of the animal in order to gain better experiments.!!!
Of course they won't kill the animal coz their purpose is to keep the animal alive (means that the product is succeed!)

People think that it's cruel and inhumane. Sometimes in life there's thing that we have to choose and to sacrifice. When we think about this experiment, again we didn't think about the goal. It's for us. For human.
It's not that I say human is everything.
But without human, animal also can't survive.
Imagine you being the parents or even people who suffer HIV/AIDS or Cancer.
Your life is only 6 more months. You really need that drug in order to stay alive, to see your family.
And the way to ensure that medicine works, only by animal testing
because yet even high tech is not yet found. We try, but still it requires even greater time to find technologies to ensure well being of human life. It's hard to find technology just like monkey, or rat! Monkey has 99% same gene with us!! (believe it or not!) so the level of correlation is very close!

And we shouldn't be blind,
this animal testing had been on earth since long time ago.
Nothing happen to animal chain or ecolog, its because for animal, it's easy to breed!! :D

So I think, it's just justified to do it.!

Besides, by doing these we can also help improve the animal life. If they have disease we can help, or even by knowing how to cure human, we ensure this disease won't spread to animal which create worse disease just like H1N1!!

So, I believe it's safe and justified for human to do animal testing.
And beside, by allowing people to do safe animal testing, we can help people which can't longer their lifetime .. they are waiting. which is people suffer AIDS and Cancer.
And also we can help betterment of Human life, and animal life

So.. Why not allow?

Feeling pity is not the answer. Answer it with your logic, and feel it with heart later (betterment of animal and human life)

- Idea by Catherine



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