Bl1zzard Day!

Today there was a huge blizzard. I can't really see while I walked :D hahaha
pretty funny..

And all people seems so excited they are waiting for emails and UNI Alert saying that tomorrow all classes will be cancelleD :p especially my roomie, Hanan

Today I watched Indonesian romantic movie called 'Love is Cinta'
Huhu It's so sad
it's about former high school students which in love.
but the guy can't speak out that he loves her.
Till the graduation day, he said to the girl he loves that he's going to the US to study
and the girl pretend that it's just fine, she didn't care but actually she was really sad

And at that time they went to one construction building, and tried to take pictures, the guy (Irwansyah) was about to say I love you, but he said 'Sayang' which unfortunately the girl's mindset that word is for friends and family, not for the one we love. So she was dissapointed and she said she won't come to airport on his departure day :( huhuhu~

When it's his departure day. He's about to go, and the girl went to her friend's birthday party. But at the end they decided to meet each other.
While on the way, Irwansyah saw an accident in which 1 little girl trapped in a nearly exploding car. He saved the girl, but unfortunately.. not himself. He died, and the girl(Acha) didn't know he died till she saw the news and she was so frustrated.

Irwansyah's soul asked the angel that he still had something to do in the world which he said really important, and he even rejected to go to heaven in order to finish this thing. So then the angel decided to give him 3 more days, but he has to pick other's body because his body is terribly broken.

He took that choice and started that day, all things happen to him, such as his family can't recognize him, he knew the background of body that he used, and even Acha can't recognize him
He kept on making Acha knows that it's him. It's only 3 days and he brought Acha on the 2nd day to the constructing building. But Acha cried and didn't believe.

At the end, Acha believe that he's Irwansyah, not 'Doni'(Raffi Ahmad). And Irwansyah can successfully say that he loves her (cinta, not sayang) and finally Irwansyah has to go back to heaven. But Acha said that's not a problem, as long as she knows he loves her, their love will be forever. <3 <3 <3

I LOVE RAFFI AHMAD'S act :D wohooo~

star star star star star ^^ you should watch it. Recomendded (just go to youtube and type 'love is cinta 1' that's eps 1 (it's till 14, not too long but sweet)



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