I can't believe it..
I nearly 18 years old..
And when I open my memory, I looked at how innocent I was
I opened letter I wrote to my mom about God, when I just know God
I visualize my day there with my friends, my first friend in my life
Now she is not close with me anymore
I remember 2 years ago, 2 of my best friends, they made me a video :) I was so happy. I can't stop laughing...
Memory 1 year ago also still in my head.
When my friends came to my house at 0:00 and lied to me, they ride bike and brought me cake and candles. That was my first surprise in my life
I love it

It also reminds me last year I was the cleopatra, I felt the BEST DAY EVER in my life
thanks for God, my family, and my friends.. :(

It's not that I'm sad
I'm just worry. I just wonder, it will be very good if they are there with me
It's maybe true that highschool friend will go away soon. (which I'm so afraid)
but, just being like this, eventhough now I have some friends, I still want to keep you all nearby me
So that when I'm worry, you can support me..

I love you my family, my friends. I love you. And I don't know If I could express better than that
I absolutely will do it.
I want to be next to you, come to my saftiest zone and back home




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