Five Fits with One Top

 Hi all!

Sorry that I have been MIA for the entire full year. I have been quite active on IG but I have not been posting much on my blog.

This time, I promise I have something quite fun and refreshing waiting for you! I am partnering up with Sozy! If you follow my IG page, you probably know how much I love their soft and cozy products! So this time I would like to share with you how we can transform 1 crop top into multiple outfits! Before I get too excited, I would like to share with you the link to my crop top from Sozy: Kendall Crop Top Luxe and I am wearing size S.

First Outfit

This outfit is a little more on the conservative side. We made the fit look a little more feminine and mature with the maxi skirt. I love that this crop top and maxi skirt combo really makes my waist look small. 

I can see myself wearing this outfit to go out on casual occasion like grocery and I can also see myself going on a date with this outfit. It is super versatile and most importantly soft and cozy! 

Second Outfit

I am getting a totally different vibe on this next outfit! I feel fresh, sporty, and young. If you live in Chicago, this feels like West Loop. 

This outfit is something I would wear on a quick take away walk or summer festival outfit, that we won't have this year but hopefully will get to enjoy next year. By the way, this shorts is also from Sozy (Kim Biker Shorts) and boy it's soft as butter!

Third Outfit

Overall never gets old! It was quite fun playing and mixing the crop top with this overall, it totally gives a different vibe to the entire outfit. 

I can see myself wearing this to girls day out or also to summer festivals. I feel that with even more accessories we all can totally rock this look!

Fourth Outfit

Out of all the outfits, I think you may say this is the sweetest one. It gives a young and innocent feel to it! This top works super well with a lot of skirt. The skirt is flowy and simple but you can also style the top with pleated mini skirt, or plaid skirt! It pretty much works with anything.

I can see myself rocking this outfit on a first date type of scenario. It feels sweet, a little feminine, and cute! 

Fifth Outfit

This look is probably my most favorite one. It definitely comes with a pack of attitude. I love the classic and retro feels that the combo of top, pants, and boots give off. I did add the layer of jacket on purpose to call it the day and night outfit where during the day you can take the jacket off (second picture) and still look amazing. When it gets chilly at night you can layer it with a light jacket and look stunning, too. 

I can see myself wearing this outfit on girls night out with my girlies, going to fall or music festival. 

Styling this top was so much fun and honestly there is so much more ways we can all style this top. What other ideas do you have? Which look is your favorite? Excited to hear your thoughts!





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