how to be me

I am not sure if this journey of mine, the journey of being me is actually an improvement or the other way around. Lately I have been more open to making my own choice and not caring about what other people expect out of me. I call it how to be me, because I make my own choice of what I want and make me happy.

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Being born in Asian family I often feel that our family teach us how to deal with things the Asian way, which typically means we need to please others so they don't talk about us. There are expectations what we should do and many times in the past I used these rules as I 'make' decision. I feel that in the past I typically don't follow what I truly want, but I always try to do what is right. Is this a good thing? I am not sure. What good is it to satisfy expectation to please others?

I guess I am happier now that I tried to break from my shell and actually make my own decision many times. I sometimes feel bad that my decision may not please other people, but I feel free and I feel happy to do things I want to do.

I don't know what's right or if this is a good thing- but I feel independent and I feel like I am my own person.



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