Smile Brilliant: Teeth Whitening Review

I don't judge people by the color of their skin, I judge people by the color of their teeth!

I consume a ton of antibiotics, coffee, tea, sweets, and many not very healthy food/drinks since I was young. Living in Indonesia at the time, no one really taught me or prioritize the health and appearance of my teeth. My parents and friends are similar like me in a sense that most of us has pretty yellow teeth. Since I came to the US, I learned that people here take care of their teeth as well as their health. They have really neat and white teeth. This made me became more conscious of myself, it is sometimes embarrassing to smile and open my mouth wide at work or in social life. I also limit how I smiled, trying to close my mouth as much as I can.

I have tried many options to clean my teeth: I got the ashy black powder, use a whitening tooth paste, and got the teeth whitening offer with UV thing at Groupon. Many of them either didn't work or only lasted me a week.

A few months ago, Smile Brilliant reached out to me to do some collaboration. I was wondering why, because my teeth is not great to begin with. But now I understand why! Many of you probably have a problem similar like me, and the product proves to me that it works, and not only for a short time.

In this post I would like to share with you what is the process of whitening my teeth with smile brilliant, and what I like/not like as much about it. I also will share with you a chance to win this kit! So stay tuned!


After I agreed to Smile Brilliant that I would like to give this product a try, the package arrived pretty quick, around 2-3 days. The package was wrapped nicely, and inside there was the kit package in form of a white and blue box. The box was very nice! When I opened the box, there were a lot of things! There were two trays with a half circle shape, six clay looking small tubes (base and catalyst) four of the whitening gels and four of the desensitizing gels, an envelope with shipping label, and a few instruction cards.

First thing first, I read the instruction cards that tells me what I should do at the moment, how to use the whitening and desensitizing gel. So the thing with this kit is that before we start whitening our teeth, we need the custom fitted trays with the shape of our own teeth, called the dental impression. The dental impression ensures that the gels are placed right to the surface of out teeth during the process. Smile Brilliant provide the tools to create dental impression in the box. To do so, you shall mix the base and catalyst, place it on the tray evenly, and now place the tray to your top or bottom teeth. Let it stay for a few minutes but make sure that the clay grasp all your teeth to the gum; so the impression can grasp and lock. Once this is done with both teeth, let the impression sits for a few minutes, and rinse the tray so the clay hardens. There is one form in the package that you have to fill regarding your submitted dental impression. Put this in the envelope as well. Now the last step is to put the trays to the pre-labeled envelope and send it back to Smile Brilliant.

Whitening Process
After a week or so, Smile Brilliant sent me back my custom fitted trays. Now I have the case for the trays that I can bring when I travel, and the trays themselves! Now then my routine starts! Daily or once every two days or so, every night, I start with brushing my teeth without my tooth paste. I then put in a bit of the whitening gel on the trays. Place the trays on the top and bottom teeth. Wait between 45 mins to 3 hours depending on how sensitive your gums are. In the beginning, I test out the water and started with 45 mins. Throughout the end, I went longer with over an hour. Once that's done, now rinse your mouth, brush your teeth with tooth paste, rinse the trays, dry it, and put in desensitizing gel on the impressions. Now place the trays back to your teeth for about 20 minutes long. This step helps with any tooth sensitivity. Once it's done, spit out all the gels, rinse and dry the impressions. You are done for the day!

To be quite frank, I started off with a sensitive gum problem. When I brush my teeth, my gum occassionally bleed. So in the beginning, I felt a bit of swelling on the gum. And for that reason, I changed the frequency of using this product and the amount of gel I put in the trays, so the process took me longer than other people. Towards the end though, I did not feel sensitivity; so I used the product more regularly.

When can I start seeing the results?
In my case, my family could already see the result within one week of usage. They told me my teeth is now white and pretty!

Pro and Cons
I love that this product works, it work fast, and it lasts long. The price point is super reasonable starting from $129 to start. Boy! the price is only 2-3x of those Groupon thing that only lasts you a week. It is much much cheaper than paying the $600 or more fee going to the dentist. Once you have the tray, you really only need to buy the gels starting at $35, if you want to maintain the color again in the future. It's really not a bad deal!

What may be a challenge for me was keeping up with the habit. Each process requires at least 1 hour of putting the gel on. Sometimes when I go home from work late or on a vacation traveling, I find it hard to find an hour to take care of my teeth, so I skipped and went right to the bed. It takes motivation to do, but as you see result starting to come up, I think motivation would actually build! You just have to be willing to do this. Also, I personally was new to this whole dental impressions thing, so I was initially confused as to how to do stuff, but hopefully y'all won't cause I laid out the steps by steps here and your english is probably better than mine when reading the instructions :) But in any case you have a question, the team is actually pretty responsive in making sure consumers do the right thing, so my experience with the Smile Brilliant team has been great!

Now, would I recommend using this product? If you think that your teeth is not white enough or yellow, I would personally recommend this product. It works, it works quickly, it lasts long, and it is affordable. Now I am no longer afraid to open my mouth and smile at work, at home, and when I go on a date! Thanks Smile Brilliant!!!

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