California Dreaming

I am sure many of you know that I visited Los Angeles a few weeks ago. I went there for the weekend (weekend extender) with my family. The purpose of the trip was primarily eating! If you don't know, Los Angeles has one of the largest Indonesian community in the US; so if you are looking for legit Indo food, then you better go hit up LA.

Jumpsuit - , Heels - Charlotte Russe, Purse - Charles Keith, Earrings and Sunnies - Micha

Even though the purpose of my trip was primarily culinary, I also was looking around hunting so many murals. Of course I was happy but disappointed because a few of the walls are either removed, repainted, or locked (inaccessible). But overall the trip was refreshing, I got to spend a handful of time with my family and plus my tummy was satisfied.

Now my comment about the California life. A lot of people and my own friends/family are really into the Cali-life: sunshine all day long, good food, chill life. But after I visited Los Angeles three times, to be honest I don't think I'm a Cali girl. I know a lot of people like to lay by the beach, play with the water, but there is a bigger part of me that just want to stick with organized, clean, big city like Chicago, Tokyo, Seoul, etc.

As much as I love going on vacation and looking at the sea, tasting good Indonesian food, to be honest I don't foresee myself living in California. Not that it's a bad place, I just think that the lifestyle and the people does not fit me as much. I don't say that it doesn't fit other people, including my friends though. It's obvious that the place has amazing food! But, I think the traffic, the hectic-ness, and the mess of the city is not speaking to me. Yeah, I'm a big -organized- city girl. Maybe I am OCD just like my dad. 

Other than that, though. There are still so many murals that I still have yet to explore in California. So until that is done, I'm still California Dreaming
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Mural Location:
3485 La Cienega Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 

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