Life is Black and White

Life's up and down, criss and cross, left and right, correct and false. 

Dress - Express, Shoes - BCBG Max Azria, Earrings -

I'm 24. Back when I was 17, I thought living in the 20s means certainty. I imagined myself knowing what my life goal is and know exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. Who knows now that I'm half way consuming my 20s, and I'm still a blank paper.

Lately, despite all the busy galore - I've been questioning myself much. I can truly see up and down, left and right, people around me seems to know what they want, what they are working towards, and totally going for it. You know I'm the type of person that tend to like many things, I put love to one thing and I also like another thing. I cannot seem to set my mind into one thing and truly shove myself to mastering that one thing. Now I'm not even sure what I'm about, what I love, what I should go for. I sometimes envy people who set a clear path to their goals.

I'm 25 soon and I'm still falling; not failing, but keep going. Really hoping that I can soon find a path and settle for it. I'm confused, but I hope I can make up my mind really soon, or at least in the next 4 years before the 30's hit!

Mural Location:
S Ashland & W 16th St (Pilsen),
Chicago, IL 





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