Highlight of The Summer

Good bye Summer and off to a new season,now! Today is sort of officially the last day of Summer for Micha, my joint business. Many of you are probably quite familiar or have heard of the store.

Maybe you are curious,or maybe you just want to hear some more about how it's been doing. I would like to close our Summer season with this post!

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This Summer we have been super busy with over 10 Weekend Festivals going on starting from May to August. It's been super fun and amazing to meet our awesome customers and hear what they have to say about our store face-to-face! 

First off, working with the Micha team has been truly fun and exciting! Thanks to the gang! Totally appreciate the help with setup,taking care of the booth, and spreading the Brand around Chicago! You know you have one cool team when your booth is really the only booth that survived a tornado. A couple of weeks ago, we were in this festival, Wicker Park Festival 2016, and on Sunday there was a huge thunderstorm that even slashed some trees down to the streets. Other vendors were initially holding off to their tents, but after the rain and wind got really bad, they ran away letting the wind broke their tents, flew their tables. It was bad news for us, tables and merchandises flew away, debris everywhere. I nearly got my thigh poked by the tent leg from our neighbor. Three ladies,and a dude.. we were holding our tent down and really protecting all our items, while other people shouted at us "LET IT GO!! LET IT GO!!!!" (p.s. this is not ala Frozen by the way). We were so conflicted, but still holding off to the tent, and even holding off to our neighbor's tent so that it won't fly away. Until the end of the thunderstorm, we survived and all our items are super dry as if nothing happened. Super proud! especially knowing that trees on streets were down already, glasses in my apartment building broke,and traffic lights were dead at that night. Super awesome, strong team there!!

Next in my highlight is hearing so many sweet and positive words as well as encouragements that people give to you. We have done so many festivals at this point and we have met so many encouraging customers up until this point. Some customers have came back multiple times because they like our products and they think the price is super reasonable. Hearing their nice words really make me feel so happy, all the works that we have done seems to be paid off! I'm glad! Plus through sharing our stories about the four of us, who are young entrepreneurs, founded the company, many people have told us encouraging words and supported us. Maybe I'm making this too dramatic,but you have no idea how it feel when people you've just met really support you. It's awesome lots! 

Overall I think this is not the type of Summer where I go on luxury vacations, producing tons of Instagram pictures. My team and I, we've worked so hard, spending our weekdays and weekends working (sometimes until over midnight) so that we can grow as a business, as a person, as an entrepreneur. It's been amazing journey to be able to join that many festivals, meeting our customers directly, and hearing so many encouraging words. 

Now we are off to the new season! Done with the Bazaar flood, but will still pop-up in several festivals each month. Oh! And we are releasing our Fall Contemporary Heritage Clothing Collection in about a month! You'll find our own designed and made unique Indonesian batik coats, jacket, vest, and dresses. Super excited and will let you guys know once it's up! 





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