Night at The Museum

HAPPY 2016! I know it is so late, Catherine, come on!! It is the END of JANUARY!! I know.. I know!! Nevertheless I want to say Happy New Year. I am sure all of us aim to be better this year, let's hope all of us are still aligning with our New Year's Resolution.

Winter in Chicago this year has not been terrible at all. I was able to wear short skirts multiple times.. of course pairing it up with all sorts of over-the-knees. Last weekend, my "sisters" and I went out to this cute place called the Three Arts Club in Chicago. Thanks my cousins, Erina and Debbie, for the suggestion. We totally enjoyed the visit and we plan to come back soon!

Short chat about the place. In the past, women (students) who travels are not allowed to stay in a hotel. So "dormitories" were built in different cities to accommodate these travelers. Besides staying over, they can mingle and socialize with other people, and also learn arts and such. It's interesting. Because they did not make enough money (I assume), the place became more and more torn down. The maintenance cost was getting higher and the association could not afford it. So pretty recently this place (Three Arts Club) were sold to a businessman which then renovated this place, made a cafe, and interior exhibits.

Top - Forever XXI, 
Hat - Forever XXI, 
Vest, Agy.Nyc, 
Purse - Christian Lacroix, 
Boots -, 
Necklace - 

My sister and amazing photographer @marsmariajg

I think my outfit is a typical outfit you would wear to museums in Europe. I have been "stalking" instagram pictures of Europe and I can't wait to visit Paris one day! All an all, I think my outfit fits the ambiance in Three Arts Club.
The vest, the necklace, the purse, and the hat are all very edgy and classy at the same time. Totally enjoyed playing with blanc et noir. Letting my gut control how I dress myself up. 

What do you think? Share your thoughts and picture with me and let's talk about Fashion :)


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