Life Palette

Crop Top: Forever XXI
Shorts: ZARA
Boots: Forever XXI
Purse: Forever XXI

I am always known to be closely related to colors. The way I style and mix/match is mostly influenced by shades, colors, and contrasts. As you may know, lately I have been so obsessed about colorful ombré (after I saw IreneIsGood's Instagram). I think colorful hair is fun and hip!

Since my red and purple combination ombré disappeared, I have been looking around for other colors I can "decorate" my hair with. I "stalked" Irene Kim's and Han Yoora's Instagram and I totally love - love their blue:aqua:turquoise hair. I decided to 'semi-temporarily' colored my hair blue (Aqua and Cyan), thanks to my friends Maria and Hilda who helped me apply this color. 

Before the blue color goes out (normally takes about a month or two to fade out, I decided to step out the house and snap some pictures with the fresh blue color. White crop top is my super-duper-fave thing these days. If you open up my closet, about 1/16 of it is just white crop top. The scuba material and embossed "NOT OKAY" font gives the look a more hip feel, which I aimed for. The shorts from Zara totally compliments my blue ombré, and it also matches the top's silhouette.

To finish the look, I selected this pair of over-the-knee suede boots from Forever XXI. The greyish brown color somehow just match with the turquoise shorts and I love them as a pair! Plus, these suede pairs are super warm and comfy, too! 

You know what? Having a colorful ombré hair is super fun! When you change color, you feel like you are someone else with a totally different character. You can play with different style and outfit. You switch gear and play with a different life palette. Hope this post helps those who are thinking about getting some colorful ombre! 





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