Move Backward Look Forward

Sweaters - H&M, Top - Forever 21, Skirt - Unbranded, Shoes - Ash, Necklace -, Purse - Zara

Hi from Chicago! It is super chilly these past days with the wind blowing super hard. I got sick yesterday evening because of the cold, strong wind here. Today it's cold again (not liking it)! And so it is the time for my bulky sweaters to go out. I paired up my white sweaters from H&M with a new skirt from mom. It is really bulky and thick as well. To color my all white outfit, I decided to put on my new favorite necklace from I love the unique style and color of this necklace, it is so refreshing! 

My life this past week has been really strange, actually. A lot of changes and moves; taking some steps back and actually rethinking my priorities. I got to feel like an adult, going out of the box and seeing what I need to do differently. I learned that sometimes you can stop what you do to save a bigger things, and for me it is relationship with other people. Realizing that stopping what we do is not always bad and destructive anyways, in fact it can be good. So if you are facing problems, take a step back and see your problem in a bigger picture - talk to your close friends and family, ask for suggestions, and discuss. Sometimes you can cry and you can be angry, let it all out. If you have to stop, do it knowing that good and better things will come your way. Move backward - and don't forget to look forward. 





  1. This outfit is super cute!! I'm not ready for winter, eep!

  2. This dress is very suitable for you, nice pictures :)


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